Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26 June 2019 Written Update – AJ hangs his shirt in Guddan’s

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26 June 2019 Written Update on

Guddan says he asked me not to stress and he is sitting upstairs. Her dupatta stalls out in the table. Guddan says AJ.. She turns back. AJ comes in overhang. AJ says you on couch. Guddan says don’t come here what is she sees. a stun can be fatal for her. She says goodbye. I will hang tight for you in my fantasies. AJ puts the sheet on her. She says go rest. AJ sees her and grins.

Next morning, Antra does arti in the first part of the day. Everybody comes. Antra says AJ we generally do arti together. Come remain with me. They do arti together. Guddan takes a gander at them. Antra says nothing has changed in every one of these years. I am extremely glad. One thing is extraordinary. She takes a gander at mangalsutra and says this mangalsutra is in Guddan’s neck yet as your significant other it ought to be in mine as well. She says this mangalsutra got lost. I need my personality back.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26 June 2019

Make me wear this mangalsutra. She gives a mangalsutra to AJ. Antra says once I wasn’t wearing it after shower, you got so frantic. You dislike me today either withou it right? Guddan says in heart I trust you will regard this mangalsutra. Antra says make me yours again AJ. Everybody is here. Saru says to Durge now Gudan will know her value.

AJ takes the mangalsutra. He is going to make antra wear it. AJ breaks the mangalsutra and every one of the pearls tumble down. Antra is stunned. Guddan grins. Dadi says its alright. He will bring one later. She says I sat tight for quite a long time. Antra is in tears. Antra says ask Guddan, wont it hurt her if her mangalsutra breaks? Any hitched lady would. AJ says I am grieved. Antra says I will hold up additional. She picks the pearls and leaves. Dadi says Guddan I will converse with AJ.

Dadi says to AJ I realize you broke it deliberately. AJ says I don’t care for this. I can’t be uncalled for to Guddan. This can be fatal to ANtra. How would I disclose to her she is my past and Guddan is available. Dadi says Antra ought to get it. You need to advise her beginning and end. You are doing this for her better. You need to state reality. Consider it. AJ says Antra wont acknowledge it effectively that her AJ is another person’.

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