Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24 June 2019 Written Update – Doctor is Checking Antra

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Everybody is in stun. Antra says Akshat. Antra strolls towards her. Laxmi says is this is a phantom. Antra says I returned after years. I would resemble a phantom. Our relationship won. God didn’t fend off me from you. Your adoration didn’t give me a chance to bite the dust. It brought me here to you. Can’t accept your antra is here? Contact me. You will accept. AJ contacts her face. Does AJ say you are alive?

She says yes. Be that as it may, I was deficient I am finished at this point. He says you can never realize that I am so glad to see you. Antra embraces dadi and says mama. Dadi says where were you? She says your supplications spared me and took me back to this house. Does Dadi say you met a mishap yet you are here now? Antra says AJ’s adoration breathed life into me back. Once Angat took a stab at executing me.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24 June 2019

Angat says I am grieved about my slip-up. Antra says I have excused you. I have abandoned God. Antra says I was fundamentally sick. I know AJ won’t let me go. You did that AJ. You did everything. At the point when the emergency vehicle was taking me to the medical clinic and it fell in a jettison. AJ says don’t’ help me to remember that night. I couldn’t spare you despite the fact that I was with you.

You left me and I couldn’t do it. I abhorred myself for not attempting enough. Why you left and I was alive however you are here today. Antra says your adoration woke me up from a long rest. AJ takes a gander at Guddan. Does he say you mean? Antra’s specialist comes in. He says I was treating her for this time. Her rescue vehicle fell in a town. My group and I were there at a camp. When she was brought there she was alive however in a state of insensibility. We couldn’t contact anybody. She battled for her life. Like a power wasn’t releasing her.

A week ago she opened her eyes. We asked her she can’t leave the clinic. In any case, when she came here I understood it was your adoration that kept her alive. When I see both of you I understand wonders do occur. Antra takes a gander at the ring. Antra says every one of these designs. Whose commitment is it?

Dadi says when Antra is here we need to discover a few arrangements. Much obliged to you for coming. Bhushan says you are correct. it is somebody’s commitment. It is my little girl’s commitment. Antra blacks out. AJ picks her. He says what occurred. Antra.. Antra.. Specialist says she is frail. AJ takes her room. Guddan picks the ring.

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