Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Guddan sees AJ & Antra

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Bhushan comes in with the police. Auditor says she needs to slaughter me. Guddan slaps him and says don’t set out to go into this house once more. Police take him. Guddan asks Bhushan would you say you are alright? He says I have a little girl like you. I would dependably be fine.

Dadi says Guddan by and by you spared this family. Much obliged to you for sparing AJ. AJ says nobody can hurt me till Guddan is there. Guddan says I do this in light of your confidence in me. She holds his hand and says together we can beat every one of the issues. Guddan says Antra. Won’t you do our commitment?

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 July 2019 Episode

Antra takes Guddan to room. She helps Guddan in preparing. Guddan says AJ said everything directly about you. He would dependably welcome you. Antra says and now he acknowledges you. you spared him from dejection. Much obliged to you.

Guarantee me you would dependably keep him cheerful? He looks exacting, however, he is an extremely decent person. Guddan says I guarantee. Antra says I am your senior sister now. I won’t let anybody get tears your eyes. Guddan says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to bless your heart? Antra says how about we go. AJ is sitting tight for you. Dadi says I am so glad. Antra acknowledged your relationship.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 July 2019 Episode

AJ says I was terrified. In any case, she dealt with it so well. Dadi says guarantee me you will give Guddan all the joy and regard she merits. Aj says I guarantee you. I will dependably be with her. No tear could ever gone to her. Everybody is in corridor. AJ accompanies dadi. Antra brings Guddan. AJ takes a gander at her and grins. Bhushan says he stayed faithful to his obligation. Kaushaliay says I let you know.

Dadi says it’s her confidence. Bhushan says my Guddan can do anything. She demonstrated it. Dadi says no more deferrals AJ. Make Guddan wear the ring. AJ holds guddan’s hand. Antra says stop AJ. both of you have made no guarantees. I would make certain that AJ would be kept upbeat by his significant other. Dadi says you are correct. AJ says I guarantee you I will dependably remain by you.

Any issue needs to cross me before coming to you. Guddan says I confide in you more than God. I will keep you glad and will dependably be with you. AJ makes her wear the ring. Everybody applauds. Guddan makes him wear the ring as well. antra cause them to eat desserts as well. She says I trust both of you generally remain cheerful. No issue should ever divide both of you.

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