Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 April 2019 Written Update – Guddan Agrees To Marry

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2 April 2019 Written Update, on

Pandit Ji doe AJ’s burial service. Gudddan reviews her minutes with AJ. Guddan says this isn’t valid. AJ is alive. Dadi says we need to acknowledge reality. Guddan says I won’t expel this sindur. Angt says you don’t need to evacuate sindur. Since I will make her my better half. I will wed her. Everybody is bewildered. Dadi says are you insane. She is your bhabhi. Angat says aJ needed that, he said in the event that anything ever transpires I ought to wed Guddan. Guddan leaves.

Angat says to Durga I did all that you asked yet Guddan wouldn’t like to wed me. Guddan comes ground floor and picks her chunri. She says angat come here. She says AJ requested that you wed me right? I am prepared to satisfy his last wish. I am prepared to wear mangal sutra from your hand. dadi says what are you saying. Guddan says if AJ needed that I can wed Angat. Guddan says once AJ’s memorial service is done, after that you can wed me. Everybody is stunned. dadi says for what reason are you doing this Guddan.

Laxmi comes to Guddan. she says for what reason would you say you are wedding Angat? What was the deal? Guddan says attempt to get it. I am doing this to spare AJ. Laxmi says AJ is dead. Guddan says he is alive. Guddan demonstrates her a message from somebody. It has AJ’s image and it says wed Angat in the event that you need to spare AJ. Gudan says I need to do this to spare AJ. She demonstrates her Angat’s video. Angat says in the event that you don’t wed me I will execute AJ. Guddan says AJ cautioned me about his psychological state. It was my mix-up to keep him here. I need to discover for what reason is he doing this. Laxmi says I am so frightened.

Guddan comes to AJ and says I thought of you as a companion and you are doing this? Anagat says you realize I am doing this for us. For our adoration. Guddan says I don’t love you. Angat says you don’t’ adore me? He calls somebody and says execute Aj. Angat indicates AJ to Guddan. He says see I let you know. Somebody runs near AJ with an infusion. Guddan says please don’t’ do this. I will do what you inquire. Kindly don’t hurt him.. Angat calls and stops them. He says you will before long be mine. drink water. He holds Guddan’s hand. Angat says you will be mine eternity. AJ opens his eyes. He glances around. Guddan cries and says AJ where are you.

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