Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15 October 2019 Written Update – Revati Throttles Laxmi

Alisha says AJ figures he can love his little girl and Guddan similarly. Saru says what’s in this container? Alisha says see when the motion picture is discharged. He should state tomorrow that he adores Guddan more and legitimize my loathe. Saru says was Antra her mother or would she say she was Antra’s mother? I will dispose of her once I am finished. Durga throttles Saru and says what are you arranging with Alisha?

Revati throttles Laxmi and says don’t set out to hurt my accomplice. Durga says you can’t do this for long. Revati says this present family’s cheerful days are no more. The following morning, Durga says Laxmi will accomplish something today. Laxmi says she is eating appropriately. It is safe to say that she will do any show? Alisha hacks. AJ says somebody gives me water. Alisha tosses us. Guddan hurls also.

AJ holds Guddan. He says what’s going on. Alisha says I included toxin in our nourishments. AJ says Alisha for what reason did you do it? She says here is the toxic substance breaker. On the off chance that you adore us eqally, you can spare one of us. AJ says how might you do this. Alisha says one of us would bite the dust. Spare your Guddan. Dadi says what are you saying. Dadi says AJ hustle just a bit.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15 October 2019

AJ is confounded. Alisha says it’s my opportunity to bite the dust. Pick between spouse or girl. AJ picks the infusion. He gives the infusion to Alisha. Everybody is stunned. AJ says Guddan, AJ says never inquire as to whether he cherishes his girl. Guddan says there is one in study. AJ says you knew? Durga brings the infusion. AJ gives her infusion. Guddan says you’re thinking how could I get the other infusion?

You thought AJ won’t spare you? You kept one for yourself. He demonstrated his affection for you. AJ says to Guddan how might I live without you. Consider the possibility that anything transpired. Guddan says you picked Alisha. That would change her view of you. AJ says consider the possibility that something transpired. She says I am youthful, nothing would transpire. AJ says I can’t continue taking a chance with your life. This can’t continue occurring. She will never comprehend my affection.

Saru says to Alisha they are doing a dramatization. They don’t love you. Perv says yes they’re tricking you. Revati says yes they are a show. Alisha says get lost. I have a cerebrum and I can utilize it. Alisha says does he cherish me more than Guddan. I will restore his support and uncover who does he adore more.

A ton of ladies accompany Antra’s cover all over. Aj says who are all of you? Alisha says this is my home as well? AJ says what rubbish. She says you discover my mother’s face irritating? You are going to meet your doll to be. Remove your covers. She says I need to restore your support. So I would get you wedded. You need to pick one of them to be my mother. So you have somebody like your age.

Their names are Antra. That is the main survives from my mother. I need my mother back. Demonstrate it once more, that you cherish your little girl more than your better half. AJ says this isn’t a challenge. You both are similarly essential to me. Nobody can separate me and Guddan. AJ requests that the ladies leave. Alisha says you left the mother to be with this Guddan. AJ says you are my blood that is the reason I endure everything. Guddan is my significant other and your mother. Acknowledge this reality.

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