Gathbandhan 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Raghu Then Jump from Balcony

Written Update: Gathbandhan 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Dhanak goes to her dad’s home and takes coriander. Does Preeti say Mai excused you so effectively? There must be something fishy. The two of them go to Mai’s home. Mai says you brought coriander? Preeti says yes I came here. Dhanak serves nourishment to Preeti. Preeti eats it and shakes her head, she says its astonishing, Mai says that is extraordinary.

Around evening time, Mai is hanging tight for Raghu. Raghu gets back home and says you cooked? He goes to the kitchen and takes sustenance. Mai says your better half made the nourishment. Raghu scowls at Dhanak and is going to toss it yet Mai stops him. Raghu brings sustenance bowl and asks Aslam to offer this to the poor, we don’t need somebody with wrong aims to make nourishment for us. Dhanak cries. Mai reveals to Raghu that I didn’t make sustenance as Dhanak was making it, I made kheer.

Raghu says I will eat kheer as it were. Mai causes him to plunk down and serves him kheer yet it has stuck in it. Raghu looks on and says this is stick. Mai brings sustenance bowl and entire has stuck in it. Flashback indicates how Mai had placed the paste in kheer purposely. Flashback closes. Mai says who did it? Maya says your new girl in law doesn’t need you to make great nourishment. Mai says who could do it? I needed to make great sustenance for my child yet. Bai says I saw Dhanak in kitchen.

Dhanak says for what reason would I do it? Maya says you can bother Mai. Mai says if Raghu doesnt eat nourishment that you cook so you are pulverizing my sustenance? Do you simply need to affront me? You can never be my girl. Raghu irately leaves and bolts his room. They all thump on entryway. Raghu opens entryway and shows the picture of Mai on each divider. Raghu says to Dhanak that Mai is my life, you can take a stab at anything other than cant separate us, we don’t have anything between us now.

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