Gathbandhan 4 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Dhanak Says Sorry To Mai

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Mai says this is Dhanak’s home so lets leave. Dhanak says I implied this is our home, we as a whole will live here. Mai says you can toss us out like you had placed us in prison. They leave from that point. Dhanak cries and says this is our home. Raghu carries Mai out of house with family. dhanak turns out as well. Raghu embraces her and says we will rest on floor. He makes Mai sit on stairs and puts sleeping cushions on floor. Mai feels that my one falsehood will progress toward becoming truth of Raghu and Dhanak’s life.

Mai says to chawl individuals that my little girl in law place me in prison for wrongdoing that I didnt do and tossed us out of out house. dhanak says dont state that. Mai says we will live here and kick the bucket here. She lies on floor. Dhanak is strained and leaves. Maya asks Mai what’s going on with you? Mai says I will return in house yet, with deference and in the wake of making Dhanak tumble to her feet. Dhanak returns with her pack. She says you dont need to go out, I am leaving. Mai says did I request that you leave? my regard was gone when you captured me. Dhanak says you got free from that case, you are blameless.

Gathbandhan 4 July 2019

Dhanak calls everybody there. Mai requests that Maya record Dhanak as I will indicate Raghu. Dhanak says I completed an error, it was a misconception when I captured Mai and her family, they didnt have any association in the event that and I am upset for capturing them, she asks Mai to return home. Mai says I pardon you. Dhanak falls in her feet and cries. Mai says gives up back. They return in house. Dhanak supposes I will make place in their souls as well.

Dhanak goes to her room yet Mai stops her and says don’t live in Raghu’s room, Dhanak says we are a couple. Mai says Raghu doesnt acknowledge you as your better half. Dhanak says yes yet he is my better half and he needs to give me that regard and love. She goes in room. Mai believes that I will make Raghu’s scorn increment.

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