Gathbandhan 30 April 2019 Written Update – Dhanak Falling For Raghu

Written Update: Gathbandhan 30 April 2019 Written Update on

Goons snatch Dhanak and force her back. Raghu races to her yet goons snatch him as well. Raghu shouts for her. Goon says to Dhanak that you need to move toward becoming saint? accomplish something now, presently I will complete your life. Raghu yells at him. Goon goes to him and beats him hard. Dhanak sobs for him. Raghu yells to not contact her. Goon says she fizzled our arrangement, she needs amazing. Raghu says it’s our business, dont contact her, you can murder me yet dont contact her. Dhanak shouts for him. Does goon say she is harmed when I harmed him?

He beats Raghu and says I will slaughter you both. He endeavors to beat Dhanak yet Raghu discards goons and hurries to her. He snatches goon far from her. Dhanak and Raghu beat them together. Raghu gets head goon, goon says you are a hoodlum and will remain criminal. Dhanak says dont consider him that, she beats him hard. Raghu pulls her away and says he will kick the bucket, gives up, he takes her from that point. Raghu and Dhanak are in the wilderness. They discover a telephone there. Raghu endeavors to call yet there is no system. Raghu endeavors to discover organize. Dhanak reviews Raghu battling for her. She affectionately takes a gander at him, ek tara plays.

Around evening time, Raghu and Dhanak begins blaze in wilderness and sit together. Dhanak is modest however is cold. Raghu removes his shirt and puts it on her. Dhanak grins at him. Dhanak says thanks to Raghu. Raghu says for shirt? I have a lot more shirts. Dhanak says for all that you accomplished for me, for continually supporting me, dealing with me, for everything, thank you, and thank you for sparing my life by putting your life in risk, that issues a great deal to me. Raghu says that is my affection, on the off chance that you are glad, at that point I am cheerful.

Mahindra comes to Mai and says kids are not home and you are drinking wine? Mai offers him drink and says this is ideal, drink. Mahindra takes drink. Mai says cheers. Mahindra begins crying. Mai says dont cry, I comprehend your feelings, I know being father to little girl like Dhanak is a major ordeal, I realize nothing happened to my child and I need nothing to happen to Dhanak so I can put my flame out when she returns. Presently return. He leaves. In wilderness, Raghu takes a gander at moon. Dhanak embraces his shirt and rests. She rests. Raghu sits next to her and puts bloom close to her. Dhanak sees it and grins.

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