Gathbandhan 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Dhanak pleads Mai to comeback

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Raghu says to Dhanak that I don’t need your support, I will leave here alone. Dhanak says please. Raghu turns away and guides her toward leave. He imagines that I can overlook what you did with my Mai, you saw my affection till now however at this point you will see my disdain. Dhanak supposes I realize you are miffed with me yet your affection will win.

Following 15 days, Dhanak is in house and says Bappa my family is returning, they should be furious on me yet I will placate them. Sejal comes there. Dhanak cooks and says I am prepared. Preeti says its great you are upbeat. Dhanak says they couldn’t demonstrate anything against Mai and they got free, I didn’t need to go to pick them as I needed to cook and make this day unique for them.

Gathbandhan 3 July 2019

Dhanak and Sejal leave the house to see Mai, Raghu and others entering chawl while moving also, drinking. Mai is with Raghu’s slow down. Raghu beverages wine and scowls at Dhanak. Mai bounces from slow down and goes in house. Raghu asks Aslam to bring hammer. Aslam does. Raghu breaks slow down with sledge. dhanak is stunned and cries. Mai comes there as well. Raghu gets Dhanak and asks Mai to do aarti. Mai does their tilak and aarti yet Raghu requests that her do it hostile to clockwise. Dhanak says that is not a hint of something better over the horizon, we can sit and talk, we are family. Mai does aarti against clockwise. Raghu begins fire and does gathbandhan with Dhanak.

He begins taking pheras in the misguided course and guarantees to detest her till his demise, never let her grin, your shortcoming will turn into my quality, I will break your reality and confidence. He takes last phera however Dhanak says enough. I dont realize what you think yet I acknowledge this connection and won’t give it a chance to break. She portions off flame. Raghu frowns at her. Dhanak says you think I am in charge of all that? I will give you so much love that our connection will thrive once more. Raghu says our connection finished with the wrong pheras, love closures and scorn begins.

He leaves from that point. Dhanak is paralyzed and tumbles down. Mahindra says you adored them so much yet they continue doing this with you, accompany me home. Dhanak says they are not off-base, that is my home, they will be placated soon, I will make place in their souls, Raghu took wrong pheras however not me, I know this way his troublesome yet I simply need your gifts. Mahindra embraces her and cries. Dhanak leaves from that point.

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