Gathbandhan 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Dhanak Meets Officer Nandu

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During the evening, Gujrati capacity begins. Mai comes there in ghagra. All applaud her. Mahindra says you are looking decent. Nani says you are Savitri Ben today. Raghu and Dhanak comes there. All applaud them. Raghu says to Mai that you look Gujrati, Mai chuckles and says my child will hit the dance floor with Dhanak.

Dhanak and Raghu are playing dhandiya in gathering. Lahu moun slack gaya. Lakshmi comes in capacity and eyes Mai. Mai goes to her. Lakshmi asks what she is upto? Mai says I am contributing time here to spare you. She removes her cosmetics and carries her to the street. She requests that her pause and begins leaving. Mai sees truck moving toward Lakshmi and moves away.

Gathbandhan 25 June 2019 Episode

Truck hits Lakshmi and pounds her. Mama sees it and leaves. Police comes in capacity. Mai grins. Geeta educates Dhanak regarding passing of Lakshmi in a street mishap. dhanak is stunned and begins leaving. Raghu stops her and says what regarding our capacity? Dhanak says I need to go. Mai says you cannot leave with hallowed string on your head. Dhanak says a guilty party in medication case is dead, I need to comprehend this case.

Mai says this is about your life. Geeta says we will deal with everything, you don’t need to come, she leaves. Mai says God rebuffed her, this case is illuminated so you can begin a new life. Mahindra says God helped you as it were, dont leave your capacity. Mai says make a mind-blowing most. They leave. Raghu says to Dhanak this is about our life so please figure, you can call on the off chance that you need. He heads inside. Dhanak calls chief and says I need to examine something. Mai hears it and thinks nothing will happen now.

During the evening, dhanak contemplates case. Raghu is taking a gander at blessings. Somebody has skilled him toy firearm. He sees Dhanak lost and says have you seen something? it’s significant for me. Dhanak says reveal to me what’s going on here? I will discover it. Raghu says your grin. Dhanak grins. Raghu says your grin is my battery. Dhanak snickers. Raghu says keep associated with me, your work will keep you strained forever however we won’t get these wedding minutes once more.

Dhanak says you are correct, I will concentrate on our wedding. Raghu says I am fortunate today. They joke and chuckle together. Mai takes a gander at the paper and sees passing updates on Lakshmi. She says that young lady is dead and the case is shut. Lakshmi’s body is in the funeral home. All of a sudden she awakens. A medical attendant is stunned. Lakshmi cuts her throat and smiles. She takes Nurse’s garments and makes her lie as Lakshmi’s body.

Mai chuckles and says I shut Dhanak’s case. She gets Lakshmi’s get and says you are gone? Lakshmi says yes. Mai says goodness, no one knows who kicked the bucket. Dhanak feels that Lakshmi kicked the bucket however truth is that it was phony mishap and the case is shut. Lakshmi says you are insane, no one saw me from leaving funeral home, I will from Mumbai. Mai says our connection finishes here, we don’t know each other from now, don’t do any slip-up now. Dhanak comes there and asks what botch? Who is leaving Mumbai? Mai is stunned to see her.

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