Gathbandhan 24 June 2019 Written Update – Raghu & Dhanak are Getting Married

Written Update: Gathbandhan 24 June 2019 Written Update on

Lakshmi puts shroud all over. Raghu welcomes her. Dhanak requests that Lakshmi go to their sangeet. She says my face is scorched so I dont need to panic individuals, Mai approach Raghu and Dhanak to leave for their capacity. They leave. Lakshmi says Dhanak is shrewd, Raghu was a piece of that medication dealing so he will go to imprison as well. Flashback indicates how Mai met Lakshmi and advised her to take medication filled truck to Nasik and she will get her installment. Mai places encloses truck and makes Raghu think they were going to mandir.

Gathbandhan 24 June 2019

Flashback closes. Mai says dont include my child in this. Dhanak and Raghu light diya in chawl. They ensure diya together. Dhanak expresses profound gratitude for continually being with me. Raghu says I wedded you to be with you, will you do a guarantee? She says do we need more guarantees? Raghu says I dont need to take any risk. Dhanak says I can guarantee anything. Raghu holds her hand and says guarantee me that you generally will remain by me in a bad position. Dhanak says I guarantee to remain with you in a bad position, tempest or bitterness. Raghu grins and embraces her.

Mai and Lakshmi are in room. Police come there and captures Mai and Lakshmi. Raghu attempts to stop them. Dhanak comes there and says Savitri you will be locked up.. everything ends up being Mai’s fantasy. She awakens and beverages wine. Mai believes that I am devastated, I need to close this case or expel Dhanak from it, she sees Lakshmi resting and says case was re-opened as a result of this lady, imagine a scenario where she is dead. At that point case will be shut once more. She takes out her blade.

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