Gathbandhan 21 June 2019 Written Update – Dhanak Comes there and says

Written Update: Gathbandhan 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Raghu brings Dhanak to house and demonstrates her home enlivened. Dhanak says its a decent astonishment. Mai meets Lakshmi, Lakshmi says on the off chance that I go in prison, at that point you will go with me, I am compromising you. Dhanak makes mehndi, Raghu embraces her from behind. He causes her to plunk down and apply mehndi on her hand and foot.

Gathbandhan 21 June 2019

Outside the house, Mai says to Lakshmi that simply do as I state, I have an arrangement to explain this case. Raghu shows tattoo machine to Dhanak and says I need to you for all time on me. It would be ideal if you compose your name. Dhanak makes tattoo of her name on his wrist. She says I need to share your torment, this agony will be delightful. Raghu composes his name on her wrist.

Soniyo re plays, Raghu kisses her cheek and grins. Mai and Lakshmi goes into house from a window. Raghu hears some clamor and asks who is there? Lakshmi says she cannot see me. Dhanak asks who is there? They come in parlor yet Mai and Lakshmi covers up.

Dhanak glances around in house. Dhanak sees Lakshmi in cloak and asks who are you? She gets her and removes her cloak. Mai stows away and is stunned. Lakshmi has some veil connected all over. Mai comes there and makes her wear shroud once more.

Mai says she is my companion Nirmala, I used to live with her, her home jumped ablaze and her face consumed. Dhanak says I am upset for treating you like a criminal. Lakshmi says its alright, I should leave now. Raghu comes there. Mai is strained.

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