Gathbandhan 20 June 2019 Written Update – Mai and Lakshmi enters a room

Written Update: Gathbandhan 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Dhanak discloses to Mai that she is going out for work. Mai says where? Dhanak says I got a tip that Lakshmi is in this city so I need to discover her. Mai says it’s your wedding, shouldn’t something be said about customs? Dhanak says my obligation is to unravel this case as well. She begins leaving yet Nani and Mahindra come there. Dhanak says I need to go. Mai says let us do custom first.

Gathbandhan 20 June 2019

She calls Raghu and does their tilak, she makes Dhanak wear sacrosanct string. Nani says incredible work Savitri. Mai thinks now she cannot go. Mahindra discloses to Dhanak that she cannot go out once this string is on her hand. Dhanak says yet I have significant work. Raghu says hear them out, it’s about our wedding, it would be ideal if you pursue customs, you can do work later. Dhanak looks on and says OK. Mai says extraordinary and grins.

Around evening time, Raghu is dressed for mehndi. He sees Dhanak in lehenga and says you look extraordinary. Dhanak says you look great in Gujrati style. Raghu blessings her heart formed swinging with their photographs inside. He says this will help you to remember me. He makes her wear it and draws nearer. Dhanak murmurs and kisses his cheek, she expresses gratitude toward him.

Dhanak gets Geeta’s message. She messages all her taking a shot at Lakshmi case yet Raghu ties sleeves around her and says this is love tie. Dhanak attempts to message Geeta however Raghu pulls her on the bed. Raghu discards sleeves key. They are integrated.

Dhanak says I have work. Raghu says I cannot put your life in threat, we have sacrosanct strings on so I cannot release you out. He attempts to kiss her yet Mai calls them. Dhanak says what regarding our sleeves? Nani comes there. They shroud their hands behind. Nani says you both look so pleasant, gives up.

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