Gathbandhan 2 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Raghu Comes back to Chawl

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Cop begins beating Mai. Dhanak argues magistrate, he says this is our obligation. Raghu yells for them to stop it. Dhanak keeps running from that point crying. Raghu says I wont save you individuals. Mahindra and Sejal comes to Dhanak. Dhanak says I cannot see this, my heart says that they cannot do it, proofs are against them, imagine a scenario in which Lakshmi is lying.

Mahindra says I realize you will do equity with relations and laws. Dhanak comes to magistrate and says I argue you to stop it, they are my family, he says I cannot do anything. He leaves. Raghu is going to beat an official yet Dhanak stops him. Raghu says no one could yell at my Mai and now she is getting beaten? He beats his hand since her name is composed on it. Dhanak stops him and embraces. Mai says move far from my Raghu, move away, dont contact him.

Dhanak cries and leaves. Raghu blacks out. Mai yells for water. Around evening time, Raghu and Mai are tragically sitting in prison. Naina plays. Dhanak is sitting outside prison as well and cries reviewing her minutes with Raghu. Raghu reviews Mai getting beaten. He goes to Mai and says it must damage? Mai says I am harming for you, I couldnt stop them, they beat you infront of me.

Gathbandhan 2 July 2019 Episode

Raghu says I am pointless, my mother was beaten and I couldnt do anything. Mai says dont cry, I cannot see you like this, you are my lion, they can do anything besides when you take control, no one will almost certainly stop you. Raghu says I cannot see you like this, you are my life. Mai says you realize I saw this scene when you disclosed to me that you experienced passionate feelings for a police officer, I guided you to not confide in a uniform, this needed to occur, our family is enduring a result of that young lady, this is the discipline, don’t stress I will unravel everything, I will make you rest. Raghu lies on the floor.

Mai sings bedtime song for him. He rests. Mai imagines that my one untruth changed total game, I won this case, my injuries would recuperate however twisted that Raghu has gotten in light of Dhanak wont mend. Lakshmi comes there and says you figured I would go down alone? I have proofs against you. Mai says I as of now have plan, I am simply sitting tight for time and will leave with my family. Lakshmi looks on. Mai figures now Lakshmi would be unsteady and will do according to my arrangement.

In morning, Mai’s family is being taken to imprison. Mai conceals some load up pins and leave. Dhanak tragically goes with them. Lakshmi is there as well. They all sit in truck. Mai quietly tosses sticks close truck tires. Dhanak sits with them. Truck begins driving. Raghu scowls at Dhanak. Dhanak takes emergency treatment and attempts to clean his injuries however he turns away. Dhanak goes to Mai yet Mai says I dont need your favors when you remove them from other hand.

Truck tires burst on account of pins. Truck stops. Dhanak asks what was the deal? Official opens the entryway. Mai gestures at Lakshmi to run. Official begins evolving tires. Lakshmi bounces from truck and begins running. Nandu is running behind her yet she is fleeing. Dhanak focuses weapon at her and says stop. I will shoot you. Mai sees Dhanak pointing at Lakshmi’s feet, she moves Dhanak’s hand with yank so Dhanak’s shot hits Lakshmi’s back. All are stunned to see Lakshmi dead on floor. Mai thinks currently there wont be any evidence against me.

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