Gathbandhan 2 April 2019 Written Update – Dhanak Stands Using her Support

Written Update: Gathbandhan 2 April 2019 Written Update on

Mai brings Dhanak out of the house on a wheelchair. She says just this was remaining. She pulls her up and requests that her attempt. Dhanak stands to utilize her help. A lady sees them and calls everybody there. They snicker at Mai and murmur that she is making Mai do what others couldn’t do. Mai stops and tosses shoe on them. She says Dhanak you have done this. She takes her from that point. She conveys her to washroom and requests that her head inside. Dhanak goes in. All ladies snicker at her. Mai grins and reviews how Dhanak had bolted her. Raghu returns home and sees Dhanak missing. Mai comes there and demonstrates his keys.

Raghu says its washroom keys, what you did? Mai says she requested to go to the washroom so I left her there. Raghu says have you gone distraught? He rushes to the washroom. Mai says she isn’t here. Mai lets him know that she sent Dhanak to her family, she will turn out to be fine when she remains with her family. Raghu embraces her and says you did incredibly. Dhanak comes there with her sisters and says my family is here. Does Raghu say for what reason did you come here? Dhanak says this is my home now so harmony is here. Raghu influences her to take a seat and goes to send her sisters away. Mai grins and supposes she returned to move over my head.

Dhanak says I won’t leave effectively. Raghu comes and offers the drug to Dhanak. Raghu says I have news. Raghu says individuals are going to give decoration to Dhanak, she will be respected by officers. Mai says she influenced Bable to go to prison and now she will get us captured, you don’t comprehend that she is a snake? She leaves. Raghu grins at Dhanak unfortunately. Mai sees 7 guarantees Dhanak composed and says I won’t save her.

In the morning, Raghu is dealing with Dhanak. Mai is furious and says he was a lion and now this. Maya comes there and says you said to keep her as a hireling and now she is making us work. Mai frowns at her. Mai calls Raghu. Raghu comes there with Poha. Mai requests that he take a gander at him, you don’t resemble wear. She solicits him to bring basin from the water. Raghu brings it. Mai scowls at him and tosses water at him, she says slam smash satay hai. All are stunned. Mai says I am liberating you, I am not your mom now, I am dead for you. Raghu says what are you saying? Stop this.

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