Gathbandhan 19 June 2019 Written Update – Dhanak thinks how will I catch Lakshmi

Written Update: Gathbandhan 19 June 2019 Written Update on

Dhanak goes to her family and embraces them. Mai feels that I will make Dhanak so occupied in the wedding that she will disregard that case. thank checks various nations and says they are so pleasant. She discloses to Raghu that we will go on siestas. Does Raghu say in Mumbai? She says no, we are getting hitched so where will we go? He says where? Dhanak says you are pointless. He says you are correct.

Gathbandhan 19 June 2019

Raghu brings cape and says Kashmir is cold so. Dhanak says we will go to Kashmir? He says truly, reveals to me that you need to meander around and sentiment in Kashmir? Dhanak says I am not indecent like you. Raghu says I saw you taking a gander at areas, Dhanak becomes flushed. All of a sudden power goes off. Raghu is terrified. Dhanak turn on versatile light and says disclose to my plan?

Raghu says we will sit on the train and our wedding trip will begin. He demonstrates her a spaghetti tie outfit. Dhanak becomes flushed and says will you wear it for me? Dhanak looks down. Mai checks Dhanak’s cabinet yet doesn’t discover the document. Dhanak inquires as to whether she looking through something? She demonstrates her Lakshmi’s record and says would you say you were searching for this? Mai is strained.

Gathbandhan 19 June 2019

Dhanak says do you know her? Mai says no, I don’t know any Lakshmi. Dhanak says I am not kidding, check her photograph, did you meet her anyplace? She is a major street pharmacist and was engaged with 30 crore medication dealing in Nasik. Does Mai say than for what reason do you have this case? Dhanak says it was moved to Mumbai, 4 individuals kicked the bucket along these lines.

Mai sees Lakshmi calling and closures it. Dhanak discloses to Mai that I need your assistance in discovering Lakshmi. Mai says give me this document, I will investigate it. Raghu comes there with enhancement stuff. Dhanak tells that everything will occur as I need, she asks Aslam and Batli to pursue her. Dhanak comes to Mai and requests record. Mai says stress regarding your marriage first.

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