Gathbandhan 18 June 2019 Written Update – Mai Searches Dhanak’s Room

Written Update: Gathbandhan 18 June 2019 Written Update on

Mai calls official and says I have to talk, I need Raghu and Dhanak to get hitched with customs and everything except for Dhanak won’t request occasions so would you be able to offer occasions to her? The official says don’t stress, she is a decent cop, I will allow her 7 days off. Mai expresses gratitude toward him and finishes the call. Mai says I will deal with some other cop who will take this case. She smiles.

Gathbandhan 18 June 2019

Dhanak cleans house and moves to itni si hansi. Raghu comes there and sees her moving and grins at her. She becomes flushed. Raghu prods her and pulls her closer. Dhanak says I was working. Raghu says its a cheerful day for you, when will my day come? Dhanak embraces him from behind. He is dazed and prods her if his day is here? Dhanak chuckles and leaves.

Mai is playing cricket when she hears police alarm. She is shocked. Geeta officer says to Mai that we need to meet Dhanak. Mai says she is on off. Geeta says cops have some uncommon work, chief requested to give this case document to Dhanak. Mai supposes imagine a scenario in which its medications case. She says I will give this record to her. Officer says this is a classified document. They go to Dhanak.

Dhanak meets Geeta. Geeta reveals to her that Mai mentioned for her occasions. Mai sees officers offering record to Dhanak and says magistrate requested you to examine this case. Dhanak says we don’t need offs, we need to serve nation entire year. Geeta praises her and leave. Dhanak checks the document. Mai believes that I need to peruse this document first

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