Gathbandhan 17 June 2019 Written Update – Nashik police have transferred

Written Update: Gathbandhan 17 June 2019 Written Update on

Raghu says goodness God till when I need to shoulder this. Mai sees updates on medication case and is strained. Dhanak comes there with tea. Mai is shaking. Dhanak takes the paper from her and says I am your girl in law so acknowledge it. Mai says I won’t. Dhanak says please favor us. Mai takes the paper from her. Maya brings sindoor from mandir and offers it to Mai.

Mai says goodness, ask what you need. Maya says give me studs. Mai says you will get my approval and hoops. Dhanak says I will go shoeless to mandir and bring sindoor from that point. Mai says you are indecent, Dhanak says I am requesting a mother’s favoring and I will do it. She leaves. Mai says to imagine a scenario in which she truly brings sindoor. Maya says I won’t let her.

Gathbandhan 17 June 2019

Raghu is conversing with individuals in chawl and sees Dhanak abandoning shoes. He chuckles at her. Dhanak says who are you? He says what? Dhanak says you are eve-prodding a young lady? Raghu says you are my better half. Dhanak says I don’t know you, Raghu says what befell you? did you lose your memory. I am Raghu? He moves around her.

Dhanak chuckles and says I was clowning. Raghu says where are you going? Dhanak says I have figured out how to get Mai’s favoring, I guaranteed to go to mandir shoeless for her. Raghu says we will do it together as it is our marriage, he removes his shoes and goes with her. Maya sees it and says he never disregard her.

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