Gathbandhan 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Saku Balances her

Written Update: Gathbandhan 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

Gathering begins, Dhanak descends wearing a flawless dark saree. Raghu can’t turn away from her. They take a gander at one another and review their minutes. Raghu sits on his knees and offers his hand to her. Dhanak holds Ronak and Raghu’s hand hesitantly, all applaud them. Raghu pulls her closer. Mai is heading off to the gathering in heels however can’t deal with herself. Saku balances her. Mai comes in the gathering and asks Dhanak to not eye me, I look rich right? Dhanak says you look great.

Sejal goes to the gathering and says I needed to come here for Ronak. Raghu welcomed me. Sejal sees Ronak going around and says he appears to be so upbeat. Raghu brings a major present for Ronak, its a jokester. Akshay believes that I will play my game at this point.

At the gathering, Mai says I need to express something to my grandson. She gets enthusiastic and says you are my essence. Raghu says you said generally excellent words Mai, you are the best, he embraces her. Mai grins and says don’t cry, we will grin today. She requests that joker brings the cake, he does. Akshay thinks how the game will begin.

Gathbandhan 15 October 2019

Dhanak lights candles on the cake. Akshay illuminates them and grins. Dhanak asks Ronak to ask. Dhanak implores make Ronak a decent man. Akshay imagines that now my arrangement will begin when cake explodes. All of a sudden entryways open and candles are passed up the air. Ronak is spared from the impact. They cut the cake. Ronak asks Raghu and Dhanak to sustain cake to one another. Raghu makes Dhanak eat the cake, she offers him too however Akshay comes there and eats the cake from Dhanak as a joker.

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