Gathbandhan 14 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Raghu is Stunned

Written Update: Gathbandhan 14 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The drama begins, The specialist checks Akshay and says he has foot cracked. Dhanak reveals to Akshay this happened as a result of me and you will remain here till you are fine. Mai says why should you choose? Akshay says I realize you are feeling terrible however I am not remaining here.

Dhanak says you won’t have anybody at your home, I will deal with here, she discloses to Mai that we as a whole skill this occurred, I am mentioning you. Ronak discloses to Akshay that they will play together. Mai blows up and discloses to Saku that Dhanak is giving requests around in my home. Saku she doesn’t have any power here.

Mai puts value chits on furniture and says all individuals should know the cost when they seek party today around evening time. A few laborers come there with things. Dhanak comes there and says I called them as I will utilize my things here. Mai says I don’t need old things in my home.

Aslam says we will place it in the store-room so no one will see. Dhanak leaves with them. Akshay gets up from the bed and reviews how he intentionally incited Raghu and tried to remain close to the stairs so he could get injured and remain with Dhanak at his home.

Gathbandhan 14 October 2019

He says I will effectively wed Dhanak, Ronak will help in that. He tears Ronak’s family painting and calls somebody to watch out for Raghu and discover how Raghu got the cash. Dhanak comes in Akshay’s room and requests that he not move from bed.

She gives him the juice and requests that he fare thee well. Akshay says I need to leave from here. Dhanak says no one will say anything to you here, drink this juice and have soup. She leaves. Akshay believes that IW sick play a game in today around evening time’s gathering and Ronak will be my assistance, Raghu will be my objective.

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