Gathbandhan 14 June 2019 Written Update – Mai is stunned After This

Written Update: Gathbandhan 14 June 2019 Written Update on

Mai goes to dish shop in the market around evening time. Lakshmi comes there in cover. Mai says who are you? Lakshmi removes her shroud. Mai is stunned and says who are you? Lakshmi says I guaranteed we will meet once more, I am Lakshmi from Nashik transport. Mai blows up and says I overlooked that matter of my life.

Gathbandhan 14 June 2019

Lakshmi says Nashik police is behind individuals who were associated with that medication case, your name is on the rundown as well. Mai is stunned and says I completed an error throughout everyday life, I am far from that. Lakshmi says you completed wrongdoing and police is behind it now. She demonstrates her paper and says they have gotten 20 individuals as of now, recollect that day?

Flashback indicates how Lakshmi met Mai and advised her to accomplish something significant and procure more, let’s do medication bargain. Mai says I don’t manage to pass. Lakshmi says it’s regarding 50 lacs. Mai supposes its a lot of cash, she asks what I need to do? Lakshmi says there is a truck which clearly has waste however medication covered up inside, you simply need to take that truck to Nashik, she pays her 10 lacs development.

Gathbandhan 14 June 2019

Flashback closes. Lakshmi says that medication was all the while selling in Nashik and 4 individuals passed on as a result of it, I am here so that in the event that police comes to you, at that point you don’t take my name and I won’t take your name. Lakshmi says I saw your child with a cop. Mai says it’s my girl in law, don’t stress, go. Lakshmi says recall this arrangement. She leaves from that point.

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