Gathbandhan 13 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Akshay grabs the fake Mai

Written Update: Gathbandhan 13 November 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Dhanak prepares the table. Raghu comes there and embraces her. She says anybody can see. Raghu says we are strained however we can set aside some effort for the sentiment. He strokes her countenances. Kalavati comes there so Raghu acts like admonishing Dhanak. Kalavati says you are so pleasant however you didn’t get a decent spouse.

She thinks soon he will pass on and will be free. Raghu thinks soon Mai will be with us. Kalavati takes a gander at Mai’s sarees and things, she says these are costly, I am in paradise now, Akshay attempted to trick me yet now he is good and gone. Dhanak shows the video of phony Mai to Saku. Saku says she looks like Mai. Where is our Mai? Dhanak says be quiet, that lady is sharp, you need to watch out for her and see what she does.

Gathbandhan 13 November 2019

Kalavati says that Akshay is gone. First I need to deal with and finish that Mai then I will make Dhanak go out as Raghu is on my hand. Saku covers up and tunes in to all that. Kalavati sees her and snatches her. She makes her oblivious and says I need to take care of Savitri. Akshay feels that I will utilize genuine Savitri Mai to get what I need. He comes outside Raghu’s home and hits the watchman with a stick. Gatekeeper blacks out and Akshay takes his uniform and goes into the house.

Raghu reveals to Dhanak that Akshay will attempt to go into the house yet our watchman will tail him. We will watch out for Akshay as well. He will go to the genuine Mai and we will go behind him. Akshay goes into the house so Raghu stows away and tails him. Kalavati takes the weapon and says soon I will end up being the sovereign of these riches.

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