Excuse Me Madam 17 Sep 2020 Episode: Written Update, Sanam dozed in the canine house

Written Update: Excuse Me Madam 17 Sep 2020 Episode.

Amar advises Addu to not show fits else I will break your legs. Go now. Addu runs from that point. Amar sits with Bhaisa as he sits in front of the TV. Addu goes to the canine house to locate his consecrated string. He goes to the canine house. Sanam comes there and thinks to take Bhaisa from that point. He puts his hand inside the canine house and makes his blackout with a concoction.

He sees that it’s Addu and not Bhaisa. He says wake up. Amar comes there with Bhaisa. Kranti comes there as well. Sanam says he drank a lot of that is the reason he dozed in the canine house. Sanam and Kranti return. Amar scowls at Addu.

In the first part of the day, Sanam asks Addu what you were doing in his pet hotel? Addu says Amar took Bhaisa in her room and requested that I locate his sacrosanct string. They are sitting in the recreation center and the madam comes there. Sanam says what will I advise to madam now? Addu says your madam is insane. Madam hears it.

Excuse Me Madam 17 Sep 2020

Sanam says all pretty young ladies are brainless, I feel like she is turning things around to get the advantage. I will lose my employment along these lines. Addu says Bhaisa won’t state sorry so you will lose the employment. Sanam says when madam was conceived, the medical caretaker probably said to her dad that congratulations you have brought forth a break.

Madam chuckles and says you are correct, I am a break and insane. her eye jerks. Addu says she is winking at me. Sanam says no, no. Madam begins singing like a homeless person. Sanam and Addu run from that point.

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