Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8 April 2019 Written Update – Rani Saves Rukmani From Shock

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rivaaj hunting down Rani in Raghav’s room. He watches out at the window. Rani is holing up behind the window. Rivaaj peeps out. Rukmani comes and calls Rivaaj. Raghav says great night Rukku bhabhi. Rukmani says goodbye. Rivaaj runs with Rukmani. Tashi holds the seat down Raghav’s window. Rani gets down utilizing the stairs. Rivaaj discloses to Rukmani that he will walk and come. He turns out quick. Rani and Tashi hold the stairs down. Rivaaj sees them and asks what they were doing here.

Tashi says they sought walk. She asks what are you doing here? Rivaaj says he is watching out for everybody. Tashi says there are numerous gatekeepers for that work and they head inside. Rivaaj takes a gander at the stairs. In the first part of the day, Rukmani awakens and goes to the washroom. She yells when the high temp waterfalls all over. Rani comes there and sees her shouting. Rivaaj giggles so anyone might hear. It ends up being Rivaaj’s fantasy. He gets up and sees Rukmani dozing. He supposes it will be fun now and goes to washroom, and bargains with the power wires. He checks the water originating from tap and shuts the tap.

He returns to bed. Rukmani awakens. The worker brings tea for them. Rivaaj says he needs to make unique tea for his Rani like the spouse. Rukmani. He spills tea on her and says sorry. Rukmani says she will go to the restroom. Rivaaj requests that her clean up and prepare, as they are going shopping. Rukmani goes to the washroom. Rivaaj figures Rani will be crushed from her in both ways. He considers Rani and advises that Rukmani went to the washroom, don’t have a clue how she will turn out, in what condition. He says I gave you clue, spare her in the event that you can. Rani says I need to rest for an additional time and says you are there to deal with Didi. Rani comes up short on room. Rukmani ties her hairs and is going to open the Tap.

Rani turns off the wire. Rukmani turns out and reveals to Rivaaj that power went. Rani comes there and requests that she go to her restroom and wash up. Rukmani asks how would you know? Rani says you have tied your hairs. Light comes. Rukmani is going to go to the washroom. Rani tells that her hands are sticky and asks would she be able to utilize her washroom. Rukmani requests that she go. Rivaaj endeavors to stop Rukmani. Rukmani tells that she will prepare quick. She designs shopping with him. Rani goes to washroom and checks the switch box. She sees the water having the ebb and flow and keeps her hand and feels the ebb and flow. She supposes she will successfully spare her sister. Rivaaj looks on.

Rukmani hurries to the washroom. They see her hand consumed. Rani discloses to Rukmani that the water was hot. Raghav comes and asks the end result for my companion. Premlatha asks who went before you. Rukmani says Rivaaj. Rani says jija ji won’t do it deliberately and realized that Didi will follow him. She commands him saying he deals with her great. Rivaaj thinks don’t get content with the present win. Rukmani applies balm. Rani says she can do anything for her sister. Raghav brings cold water box and keeps her turn in it.

Yeh moh ke damage plays… Rukmani comes there and gets some information about her hand. Rani asks him not to take the strain and asks her not to get annoyed with Rivaaj. She says he is extremely pleasant and can’t do anything. She requests that her go out on the town to shop with jija ji and appreciate completely. Rukmani embraces her and says thank god, you have acknowledged him. She tells that she is calmed. Rani supposes I will win your trust and afterward will uncover him.

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