Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6 May 2019 Written Update – Rani Tries to Defeats Rivaaj

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6th May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rani hearing Pandit ji advising that he went to bring wheel seat for Raghav who is coming today with his Dadi. He says they need to do exceptional game plans. Dadi brings Rani. Rani takes a gander at Raghav and gets cheerful and enthusiastic. Some sindoor from the aarti plate falls on Rani’s brow. Rani takes a gander at Raghav and thinks back their marriage. She says thanks to Mata Rani and says she is cheerful after Dadi conversed with her pleasantly. She inquires as to whether this is the sign, will I say everything to Dadi.

Simply then Dadi gets some information about the mass marriage Pandit ji. Rani considers if Dadi knows reality. Dadi goes to do sanctuary’s rounds and sits close to the tree. Rani thinks why this spot is disconnected and why there is a group here. She sees threat sign there and thinks this territory is shut. Rivaaj talks to his goons and says they will see slaughter Raghav as though they are executing a creature, and requests that he put the sign board once more. Goon says alright. Premlatha cheers saying they will get Raghav’s riches. They chuckle. The goons as wilderness officers point weapon at Raghav.

Rani sees them, takes the sling and flames stone at them. Dadi sees the men running and yells for help. She understands to have overlooked her gun in vehicle. Pandit ji comes to Dadi. Dadi tells about the goon. Pandit ji says this is the spot to get monkeys. Rani comes to Raghav and inquires as to whether he is fine. She gets worried for him. Dadi expresses gratitude toward her for sparing Raghav. Rani says it is my obligation and says she has mankind obligation. She says mata Rani spared you. Dadi requests that her ask what she needs. The goons call Rivaaj. Rivaaj gets irate and requests that they leave firearm and pick philanthropy bowl. Premraj says who is ensuring her. Rivaaj calls Rukmani. Premlatha says she has no solidarity to spare anybody. Rukmani comes there and asks where is Rani?

Rukmani says she is at house. Rivaaj requests that her call manjiri from her telephone. Rukmani calls Manjiri. Simply then Dadi returns home and calls everybody. She tells about Rani sparing Raghav and says don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that they were seekers or goons. She says God sent her to spare Raghav and gestures of recognition her. Rivaaj considers on the off chance that she is Rani? Rukmani likewise thinks the equivalent. Dadi says she neglected to ask her name. Rani says thanks to God for sparing Raghav and expresses gratitude toward Pandit ji for letting her stay here. Shivraj says we will keep some medical attendant. Rivaaj says he will bring great medical attendant for bhaiyya. Dadi says I have procured nurture for Raghav, and she will come toward the beginning of the day. Rani discloses to Pandit ji that God made her courses of action to remain here.

Premlatha inquires as to whether Rani comes there, at that point she won’t let her come. Dadi says cockroach came and terrifies her. She discloses to her that the medical attendant which she found is understanding and more developed than her. Rani comes to Scisodia Mansion in mask and in tan look. Rivaaj asks how might we trust the medical attendant? Dadi insults him and says the medical attendant which she called is prepared and instructed, and isn’t care for you. She advises that she endeavored to offer cash to the young lady, yet she cannot and said that she came to meet her sister who is nurture in Jhansi, so she procured her. Premlatha says she originated from town to Jhansi. Dadi insults her. Rani comes there in tan south indian look. Rani welcomes everybody and requests that guard go. Rivaaj takes a gander at her and draws close to her. He takes a gander at her. Rani grins.

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