Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Rivaaj Washes his Face

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3 July 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Servant bringing protein shake for Rivaaj. Rivaaj requests that he keep it. He shuts the one once the Servant proceeds to begin working out. Rani opens the entryway and sees Rivaaj working out. Rivaaj then takes the protein shake and scents it.

He beverages and holds it back. Rani watches him. He begins feeling mixed up, blacks out and tumbles down. Rani comes to him and looks for the chip remote in his pocket. Raghav is searching for Rani and supposes where did she go? Rani, at last, finds the remote catch in Rivaaj’s memento.

She takes out the chain. Raghav calls her. Rani supposes it appears she will advise truth to Raghav with shreds of evidence. She is going to go. Raghav goes to Rivaaj’s room. Rivaaj conceals Rani behind the couch. He murmurs to Rani that one remote is with you and the other is with me furthermore, says in the event that I squeeze it, at that point Rukmani will be a blast. Raghav gets the destroyed things.

Once Raghav goes, Rivaaj grabs chain from her and takes her out. Rani slaps him hard and says you are a shoddy man. He blows up. Rani says the lady whom you need to slaughter is your child. Rivaaj says I will execute the child and says I tied Rukmani as a result of you. He says I will murder her and her child. He says in the event that you attempt to get one memento, at that point other will impact.

He says you may spare Raghav, yet who will spare Rukmani. He says the chip is in the two bodies. He says he will give a solution to her slap very soon. Rani considers somebody and tells that he needs an individual who can do her work. Rivaaj comes outside and supposes he can’t invest energy in his room due to the chipku (Rukmani). A goon comes and makes him smell chloroform.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3 July 2019 Episode

He takes both the mementos and chains from his neck and pocket. Rukmani gets some information about Rivaaj. Rani says jija ji. Rukmani says he is absent since night. They all hunt him. Tashi discovers him on the seat in the patio. They cause him to get up.

Dadi says he dozed throughout the night on seat, what befell him. Rivaaj rubs his eyes and asks what befell my eyes, I can’t see anything. Rani grins and says we know and we are extremely upset for that. She says now arrangement is same, your eyes are sold for playing with my sister and spouse’s lives. Rivaaj pushes her. Rukmani requests that he quiet down. Rivaaj pushes her and she falls.

Rani holds her. Dadi inquires as to whether he got frantic, how is he carrying on with Rukmani. Rani says might be jija ji acknowledged since he can’t see. Raghav attempts to take him. Rivaaj pushes him. He says this is altogether done by Rani. Rani asks what did I do? She says you spared me from death and lost your vision. In the event that it was in my grasp, at that point I would have not given it a chance to occur. Rivaaj looks for the remote mementos and thinks that it’s missing.

Rani reviews and a FB has appeared, the goon gives the two mementos to Rani. Rani grins and asks what are you looking? Rivaaj says I am worn out and need to go to the room. Raghav offers to drop him once more. Rivaaj pushes him and asks another person to drop him. Premraj takes him. Tashi says don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen him. Rani says don’t stress, I will deal with him.

She asks Rukmani to avoid Rivaaj until his state of mind turns out to be fine. Dadi says yes. Rani says sorry to learn as Rivaaj got rowdy with her. They begin going when Rani feels torment in her foot. Raghav kneads her foot. Rani takes a gander at him.

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