Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27 April 2019 Written Update – Rivaaj Keeps A Condition Infront Of Rani

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rani revealing to Rivaaj that she will yell and disclose to Shivraj that he is acting up with her. Rivaaj requests that her see inside her and will discover a love for him, and requests that her prepare. Shivraj awakens Premlatha and inquires as to whether she will accompany him to see Raghav. Premlatha says she is concerned for Raghav and had rested a little while ago. Rani calls him shabby. Rivaaj says you stimulate me at whatever point my inclination rest. He says you will concur effectively and ties her hand. Rani yells and calls everybody. Shivraj and everybody come there. Rani reveals to Shivraj that Rivaaj has tied her hairs. Rukmani asks how would you turn out?

Rani requests that she ask Rivaaj. Rivaaj says he was in her room when he heard her yelling. He says he came and opened the entryway when she pushed him and was running. He says I by one way or another hold her and limited her options, yet she bit on my hand. Premlatha says your bit on your jija’s hand. Rivaaj says she is blaming me off-base. Shivraj asks Rukmani to take Rani to the room and goes. Rivaaj apologizes to Rani for limiting her options and liberates her hands. Rukmani says it is sufficient and secures Rani in the room. Rani considers Raghav and their minutes and his condition. She says I am extremely grieved and couldn’t secure you.

She hears somebody thumping on the entryway. Tashi comes there and says you needed to see Bhayu. Rani says yes and is going to go out. Tashi says we can’t see from the passage. She pulls the blind from Raghav’s room. Rani sees him from her room through binoculars. Next morning, Rani goes to the eating table. Premlatha reprimands the cook. Rivaaj asks her not to stress. He says Rani must not have rested in the stress of Raghav and she should be prepared to do anything for him. Premlatha says Rani will leave.

Rivaaj says this is my sasural matter, I won’t let her go alone, Rukmani and I will’go to drop her. He discloses to Shivraj that they need to move Raghav to the emergency clinic. Shivraj says they will get him treated at home. Rivaaj says it is an exceptional emergency clinic, mental medical clinic. Shivraj says I will think. Rivaaj says I will proceed to check Raghav. He comes to Rani and requests that she be cautious.

Rani takes a gander at the pearls neckband made by Raghav. She draws close to the window and sees Doctor checking Raghav. The specialist converses with Shivraj. Rani takes a gander at him and says Raghav. She envisions Raghav remaining at the opposite side of the window and drawing heart. Yeh moh ke dhaage plays. Raghav signs her to grin and takes a gander at her. Rani takes a gander at him.

She returns to her room and discovers something kept in blessing wrapped. She opens the case and finds the dress and Rivaaj’s letter, in which he requested that she wear the dress and come to the farmhouse. She tosses the blessing and draws close to Raghav’s room. She takes a gander at Raghav and thinks about Rivaaj’s letter.

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