Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22 April 2019 Written Update – Rivaaj Thinks Of Heinous Conspiracy

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The scene begins with Pappu inquiring as to whether his psyche got insane. Rivaaj says he was, however at this point he got a smart thought. He asks what is Rukmani’s shortcoming. Pappu says Rani Rivaaj asks what is Rani’s shortcoming… Rivaaj says Rukmani. He says he got a smart thought. Pappu requests that he tell his arrangement. Rivaaj says you are my Chamche and not my dad. He says I will give you a number and requests that he get some stuff. He supposes you both have flown high and says diya will set off and baati will move toward becoming cinders he says Rani, Rani zips Raghav’s coat and says impeccable.

She says we are going to make your ID card and asks him not to give his telephone to anybody. She requests that he illuminate him wherever he proceeds to request that he recollect Shivraj and her number. Raghav says you will be with me then for what reason are you saying. Rani helps him to remember what Shivraj told today. Raghav signs her to quit keeping a finger on his lips. Rani takes a gander at him.  Raghav requests that Rani close her eyes. He at that point requests that her open her eyes. Rani takes a gander at the ring. Raghav says I went to the shopping center to purchase this for you. Rukmani goes to Rani’s room and supposes she may be in Raghav’s room.

Raghav asks Rani for what reason did she not embrace him and says when Rivaaj talented Rukmani, she hopped and embraced him. He inquires as to whether she didn’t embrace him as he brought only one present. Rani says no I am extremely cheerful, infact this is the world’s best blessing as he gave it with much love and says different endowments are bad in front of this and says I adore it, She embraces him. Yeh moh ke dhaage plays Rukmani comes there calling Rani. Rani and Raghav are standing. Rani says didi. I came to offer bandaid to Raghav. Rukmani says she came to give her garments which got blended with her garments. Raghav murmurs to Rani that their mystery is spared.

Rukmani hears and asks what mystery? Rani concocts a rationalization. Rukmani says you both are kids Rani asks Raghav to stay discreet. Rivaaj goes to his room and wears gloves. He sprinkles some powder on his bed. Rukmani comes there and asks what is he covering up in his grasp. Rivaaj says nothing is there. He requests that her see Amma is calling her. She turns while he tosses the careful gloves under the bed. Rukmani swings to him. He says he was kidding. Rukmani says there is no mystery among a couple. She twists down to check under the bed… and discovers her copied pic. She says you have consumed my pic. Rivaaj says it was amid the Ram navmi and not today.

He approaches her to overlook everything for an upbeat wedded life and requests that her rest as tomorrow will be overwhelming. Rukmani asks I’m not catching your meaning? Rivaaj says nothing. Next morning, Raghav and Rani are having sustenance. Shivraj asks Raghav how is he? Premlatha says he is fine as Rani sworn as of late. Simply then they hear Rukmani yelling and crying in her room. Rani rushes to her room first and asks Rukmani and Rivaaj to open the entryway. Shivraj says Rivaaj left early morning for the gathering work. Premlatha insults at Rukmani. Rani takes a gander at her. Rukmani opens the entryway.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 22 April 2019 Written Update

They see rashes all over, hands and so on. Shivraj calls Tashi to take her to the medical clinic. Premlatha says Tashi attended a university. Rani says she will take Rukmani to the medical clinic. She asks Raghav not to have outside sustenance and don’t go out. She asks Rukmani to sit in the vehicle while she brings her wallet. She comes to room and takes her wallet. Raghav asks her not to stress. Rani requests that he scrub down and wears unique garments kept by her. He says no and holds her hand, and kisses on her cheeks. Rani asks what was it? Raghav holds her hand and says I am your better half, and says when spouse leaves from husband then this thing is finished. Rani grins.

He requests that her do same thing when he leaves from her. He requests that her go. Rani leaves his hand and is going. Rivaaj takes a gander at them from the window and says I will deal with my exquisite sibling. Premlatha discloses to Servants that exceptional visitors are coming today. Rivaaj comes and tells that what Servants said that Rukmani is in the medical clinic and says I will go there now. Premlatha stops him and says you can’t go as you are the gathering’s new face. Raghav comes wearing the garments kept by Rani and asks how am I looking? Shivraj chuckles and says great. Raghav says Rani requested that he wear extraordinary garments. He discloses to Rivaaj that Rukmani will be fine.

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