Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2 May 2019 Written Update – Barbie Shake Hands With Rivaaj

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with the new medical attendant leaving the auto. Rani causes her and pays the cash to the driver. She says you are Raghav’s medical caretaker. Rani says I am his better half, however outside for certain reasons. She solicits her to do additional consideration from Raghav. The medical attendant Barbie tells that on the off chance that she accomplishes something, at that point she can think and requests her chain. Rani gives her chain. Dadi is sitting next to Raghav and requests that he wake up.

Snoopy goes ahead of the bed. Rivaaj brings barbie there. Dadi requests that she take care as his bhabhi and says in the event that she does anything incorrectly, at that point she will murder her, and won’t excuse her. Rani calls barbie and discloses to her that Raghav doesn’t bear AC temperature. She requests that she spread him with cover, and requests that her recount to James bond story from the storybook. Barbie says alright. Rani says I will call again and requests that her put the lights diminish. Barbie is recounting to the story. Rivaaj comes there and asks how is bhaiyya. Barbie takes a gander at him. Rani calls her and requests to offer a prescription to Raghav.

Barbie says alright. Rani requests that her complete one more work. Barbie leaves room. Premlatha thinks about her difficult foot and supposes she was showing him out, yet he returned and her sasumaa accompanied canine. Barbie meets Rani and takes taweez from her. Rani requests that her hold down under his cushion. Barbie says alright and come inside. Rivaaj pulls her. barbie says I am following your requests and unfollowing Rani. Rivaaj says I have seen Rani’s memento with you and got you with cash.

He gets taweez from her hand and says I will win. Rani is in the sanctuary and appeals to God for Raghav. Rivaaj’s hand get harmed with the taweez. He goes to Raghav’s room and chokes out him with cushion. He grins and salutes him forever end. It is Rani’s fantasy. She goes to God to secure Raghav. Rani calls barbie, yet she doesn’t pick her calls.

Rukmani asks Rivaaj for what valid reason did he respond that way. Rani says until your sister is with us, nothing will be fine. Rukmani asks did I accomplish something incorrectly. Rivaaj says on the off chance that you tell about this gaain, at that point I won’t abandon you. Barbie comes and thumps on the entryway requesting that he come.

Rivaaj comes and asks what help do you need? Barbie keeps hand on his shoulder and says she has a smart thought to inconvenience his sibling. Rivaaj requests that her take the necessary steps. Barbie indicates wine. Rivaaj closes Rani’s approach to barbie’s telephone. Barbie infuses wine in the glucose hold and says he will get fever and pneumonia as well. Rani gets stressed and runs. Rivaaj asks barbie to ensure that he doesn’t kick the bucket.

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