Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12 April 2019 Written Update – Rivaaj Shocks During The Play

Written Update: Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rivaaj thinking to wear the blessed shawl for Ram Leela. Rukmani asks what’s going on with him? Rivaaj says on the off chance that Raghav overlooks the lines, at that point, he is prepared for back up. Rukmani says she brought juice for him as Shagun. Rivaaj says he will drink even toxin with her hand. Rukmani says you will not say that. Rivaaj drinks juice. Rani feels sorry to learn and supposes he fouled up with her, and his beneficial thing will by her hand. She went to the kitchen and seeing Rukmani making juice. Rukmani says she needs to influence him to invigorate. Rani requests that her topping it.

Rukmani says uplifting news and goes to cooler to take something. Rani changes the juice. Fb closes. Rivaaj drinks the juice and asks how is he looking. Rukmani says great. Rivaaj gets lazy and sits, requests that she go. He says he will come. Rukmani goes. Rani goes to Rivaaj’s room. Rivaaj takes a gander at her and gets rest. Rani locks him and goes. Shivraj tells the visitor that they are playing Sita’s grabbing production today. Rivaaj gets up and finds the entryway bolted. He calls Bhanu and Pappu and requests that they open the entryway. Play begins, Lakshman solicits Sita not to turn out from the house and says he is drawing Lakshman Rekha.

He asks her not to cross it under any conditions and requests that she be inside the Rekha. Rani says alright Lakshman. Lakshman takes consent from her and leaves. Rivaaj takes the man playing Ravan to the side and comes to arrange in Ravan’s symbol. Everybody is stunned and astounded to see him assuming Ravan’s job. Rani is stunned too and gets strained. The visitor asks Shivraj for what good reason Rivaaj progressed toward becoming Ravan and not Ram. Shivraj says yes. Rivaaj requests that Rani give him philanthropy and says the poor person will not be left without taking the philanthropy. Raghav says I will go now.

Bhanu and Pappu stop him. Rani says I am sorry, yet I can’t cross this Lakshman Rekha. Rivaaj holds her hand and tells in low tone, in the event that she wants to prevail upon him by planning against him. Raghav comes to organize and asks Rivaaj to abandon her hand, and says terrible Ravan. The visitor inquires as to whether he is Ram. Rani asks Raghav to go. Raghav says he treats you seriously and says terrible Ravan.

Rani requests that he go and says Ravan carried on that route with Sita. Raghav says this is new time and Ram will spare Sita and says you are my significant other, how might I let Ravan capture you. Everybody get amazed and stunned. Rivaaj asks Rani what did he say? Rani says he intends to state that he is Sita’s significant other and he is Ram. Raghav says yes. Rivaaj takes a gander at Rani. Tashi goes to organize. Raghav asks Rivaaj to move back.

Tashi takes Raghav to the side and asks him not to get irate. She says your mystery may turn out and after that Rani need to go from here. Rivaaj again holds Rani’s hand and says I am Lanka Pati Ravan came to take you in philanthropy. Rani as Sita calls Swami Ram to spare her. Tashi holds Raghav’s hand. The window ornament is pulled down. Everybody applauds. Rani asks Rivaaj to abandon her hand, however, Rivaaj is as yet holding her hand. Rukmani comes and calls Rivaaj. Rivaaj takes a gander at Rani.

Rani inquires as to whether she enjoyed her execution. Rukmani says pleasantly. She asks Rivaaj to come and says she is ravenous because of quick. Rivaaj reprimands her. Rukmani gets irritated and goes. Rivaaj considers Raghav telling that Rani is his, he questions Rani is fasting and supposes they are playing the major game with him, and thinks to accomplish something. He takes desserts from the server and strolls towards Raghav, Rani, and Tashi. He appropriates the desserts to everybody working in the play. He requests that Rani and others take desserts. Tashi takes desserts and says we will have it in our rooms. Rivaaj asks Sita/Rani to have desserts and endeavors to influence her to have desserts.

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