Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21 Sep 2020: Episode Written Update, They had paid for Kamna!

Written Update: Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21 Sep 2020 episode.

Madhvi’s mom applies haldi to Madhvi. Then again, men play with haldi and embrace one another. Madhvi stays there tragically. Madhvi’s dad applies haldi to her also. Dhansukhlal expresses gratitude toward Madhvi’s dad that they could overcome Bhima as a result of him in particular. We will disappear now. Madhvi’s dad demands them to be available tomorrow during the function. You need to help us in getting this through.

Dhansukhlal, Mangesh, and Intellectual ji guarantee him about it. They leave. Madhvi’s dad advises his significant other to wrap up the ceremonies. We need to make prepares for the wedding as well. Bhima solicits his Baba what kind from individuals, right? Kamna Didi passed on yesterday yet they are not miserable about losing her by any means. They are considering it a chance to offer their other little girl. Smash ji says many individuals see increase and misfortune more than the loss of death.

A comparable thing has occurred here. Kamna’s folks are attempting to conceal for the settlement they had paid for Kamna and are rather wedding Madhvi to that groom. Bhima says I comprehend that they are being childish however shouldn’t something be said about the general public. They are helping Kamna’s folks in being egotistical. Does the general public become daze as well? Smash ji says society is the result of the considerations of numerous individuals. It isn’t significant that it is correct constantly.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21 Sep 2020

pioneers are made in the general public consistently to take it in the correct way. Bhima says I can wager that the current society is definitely not a decent society. It isn’t all in all correct to get young ladies wedded at such a youthful age. For what reason don’t they get it? They misuse the individuals who attempt to cause them to get this.

Bhimbai says nobody used to arrive at stop kid relationships previously. Individuals and society are evolving gradually. Bhima says the destiny of a great deal of numerous young ladies will be bound by at that point. Slam ji says you take on the conflict of battling a detestable custom on 2 levels – make law legitimately and by making mindfulness through various mediums. The dread of law and persistence in individuals is what is required. Bhima proposes mentioning the chief to make laws around it.

Smash ji says laws are not made that way. English government made a standard for youngster marriage in the year you were conceived. They expanded the eligible age to 12 from 10. Bhima proposes illuminating everybody about it. They will get frightened and stop the wedding. Slam ji denies. I disclosed to you that law and mindfulness are similarly significant. Allow it to occur. We can’t stop it. Meera says Kanta is no more and her family needs to wed Madhvi to her significant other to keep the relations alive.

It won’t be anything but difficult to disclose to them as their egotistical reasons are greater than your reality. Dhruv includes that even Madhvi has said yes. It won’t be all in all correct to mediate at this point. Bala seconds him. acknowledge it that your sister is getting hitched. Bhima figures I can’t simply acknowledge it and sit unobtrusively. I will continue attempting to stop the wedding till the time it really occurs.

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