Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (2) 28 Sep 2020: Episode Written Update,

Written Update: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (2) 28 Sep 2020 episode.

Daddu faults Rajender that on the off chance that he had not made a phony impenetrable coat, Vijay would have been alive. Suman hears that. Shravan gets back. Kavita cries embracing him. Shravan gets some information about Devraj. Kavita says he is in that room. Rajender stops Shravan says let him handle things. Shravan pushes him and gets into the room and is stunned to see police capturing Devraj in charges of providing counterfeit impenetrable vests to armed forces.

Devraj tells the reviewer he is mixed up, yet the assessor gets resolved. Rajender cautions the reviewer to set out not to capture his sibling. The overseer cautions that he is simply performing is responsibility. Shravan opposes, yet the examiner drives him away. He tumbles down. Devraj irately holds the examiner’s neckline. Monitor slaps him yelling he sold out country and set out to compromise cop. He arranges constables to bind Devraj and drag him towards the van.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (2) 28 Sep 2020

Rajender asks Devraj not to stress and asks Shravan to be with family and consoles Kavita. Shravan re-visitations of his room and exhaust before Bunty that his dad is honest, however, everybody is accusing him. Bunty solaces him. Shravan says he is such a great amount of stress for his dad here, Suman probably broke seeing her dad’s dead body.

Suman cries taking a gander at her and Vijay’s photograph. She peruses Vijay’s mail that he thinks about her and Shravan, Shravan is a decent kid and he doesn’t worry about her wedding regular folk, however pound and fascination is basic in her age and it will disappear in at some point, so she needs to understand her duties, and so forth.

She takes a gander at Vijay’s uniform and letter and says I am sorry dad. Shravan strolls to her and comforting her says everything thinks his daddy isn’t right, however, his daddy is blameless and even Vijay would state the same on the off chance that he would have been alive. Suman thinks back Daddu’s claims and asks Vijay to go.

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