Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22 April 2019 Written Update [Epi 1] – Dadaji Describes How

Written Update: Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

A messenger kid brings bundle and inquires as to whether this is PK Mittal’s home. The man says yes and asks handover bundle to him. Dispatch kid says he will hand it over to PK Mittal itself. Ishani’s cousin Sonali presents her as today is her commitment and she is anxious to meet her life partner Kabeer. Sonali’s sibling Jay records their video and inquires as to whether Jahnvi has booked a sentimental supper table for Kabeer. Ishani shies. Dadaji strolls to them and inquires as to whether Jahnvi’s pooja is done and when is she presenting to Radha Krishna’s venerated image. Jay asks Dadaji how could he meet Daadi. Dadaji depicts how he met daadi in a film lobby and their eyes bolted while viewing Dilip Kumar’s video. He at that point sees messenger kid and asks what is it.

Dispatch kid says it is for PK Mittal. Dadaji requests to call Prem. Prem descends while talking over the telephone and gets the package. He opens it and is stunned to see his likeness head with shot imprint amidst brow and message that next time it will be his genuine head. Jahnvi prepares to take Radha Krishna’s object of worship ownership home conveying pots on her head. Her better half Dhruv records her video. She addresses Kabeer that he is getting connected with to her sister Ishani and she will be a piece of their family. Dhruv says Kabeer will be both sibling and co-sibling to him from hereon and approaches him to get back home soon for amazement. At home, Dadaji and Jay get concerned seeing PK’s model head and ask who more likely than not sent it. PK jokes that shabby plastic material is utilized to make his likeness head, it doesn’t look like his nose and temple.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22 April 2019 Written Update

Dadaji requests to be not kidding. PK asks when is Kabeer coming, in the event that they uncovered about astounded. Dadaji and Jay state not yet. Kabeer asks when is Jahnvi coming. Jahnvi ventures into home conveying pots with Radha Krishna’s golden calf ownership behind. She slips on something and drops pots down. Family is stunned to see that. Chanda Chachi yells it is a major abshagun. Jahnvi freezes and says it is an error. PK handles the circumstance and asks pandits to perform pooja and have asked Jahnvi to serve prasad to pandits. Senior pandit says they came to have prasad made by PK’s better half Suman. PK says she is unwell, yet Jahnvi says she will Suman and request that her plan prasad. Jahnvi strolls to Suman’s home who looks rationally precarious and apprehensively reciting slokas and appealing to God for Kabeer’s security. She approaches Suman to plan prasad for pandits.

Suman concurs and strolls towards the kitchen when PK stops her and requests that her arrival back to her room as she is sick. Suman says she is fine. Jahnvi demands PK to let Suman get ready prasa and he concurs. Suman strolls into kitchen. Jahnvi sees fish tank and nourishing sustenance to angles sings Machli jal ki rani hai iska jeevan paani hai haat lagaye to darjayegi, pani se bahar nikalo to marjayegi. Suman strolls into the kitchen and gets ready prasad. House keeper making furious face inquires as to whether she will get ready prasad. Suman anxiously says yes. Housekeeper leaves making desirous face. Jahnvi visits with Ishani and says she will be before long piece of her family and prepare to meet Kabeer today around evening time.

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