Divya Drishti 7 July 2019 Written Update – Mahima husband’s life is in danger?

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Romi says how could she get the sword? Rakshit says it’s mine. I overlooked it some place. Mahiam comes to Simran Ojaswanu and Rashi. They shout. Rakshit and everybody run upstairs. Simran and Rashi run out. Divya’s forces aren’t working. They stop and after that work. Ojaswani says bhahi please dont’ slaughter me.

There is a bloom arm jewelery When Divya contacts it her forces works. Drishti sees it. They run upstairs. They spare Ojaswani. Rakshit says mother please leave them. Mahima puts the sword on Raksht. Divya secures her in the storage room. Everybody comes. Ojaswani is frightened. Divya says I am sorry Rakshit. He says I realize it was vital.

Drishti says where is simran. Rakshit says let me discover her. Simran keeps running out and about. She shouts and state they will murder me. Simran comes in front of a vehicle. A person spares her yet gets injured himself. the lady takes them two in the vehicle. She says you’re simran right. Everybody searches for Simran. drishti says simra you’re protected. If you don’t mind turn out.

Divya Drishti 7 July 2019

Shekhar sees Divya and Romi in a room. Romi is embracing Divya. He says I cherish you. Shekhar comes there. He says I will murder you. Drishti and Rakshit come there. He says this Romi.. He revealed to Divya he cherishes her. Drishti says however nobody is here. This is every one of the a dream by Pisachhini. Genuine Divya comes there. Shekhar holds her hand and says you’re my significant other. She says I know why? He says nothing.

Magma says to Mahima go execute them. Go there. Simran gets back home with Divya’s mother. She says I saw simran out and about. Drishti embraces Simran. Divya says uncle you asved Simran. You’re harmed. Come let us spare you. Simran says my Santa Clause came. Dirshit sees Mahima left her storage room. She tells Rakshit. Rakshit asks Simran to got to her room. Romi sees Lizard’s toxic substance there.

Divya’s mother applies drug to the man’s hand. drishti tels Divya about Mahima. Divya secures her mother in the room. Simran says my Santa Clause came. Ojaswani says who are you acllin Santa Clause? She says my Santa came and spared me from the vehicle. Divya’s mother says that uncle.. She says that Santa Clause is in the parlor. Drishti and that man are in the parlor. Mahima comes to wound Drishti.. She cuts that man. Rakshit shouts baba… Divya comes and stops Mahima. Mahima comes in her detects. he says who am I here? That man is Rakshit’s father. Rakshit says father.. He is dying.

They lift him up. Rakshit says call emergency vehicle. Rakshit says father please open your eyes. Mahima says who assaulted him. Magma comes and says who is he? Ojaswani says where were all of you this time? She says resting. Simran says bari mama slaughtered Santa Clause. Mahima says I.. Rakshti says mother please quiet down. The blood stops. Ojaswani says how could it occur? What’s going on? Rakshit what was going on here. Mahima you were assaulting us. At that point you assaulted him. At that point somebody ceased you with certain forces.

Divya Drishti 7 July 2019

Piaschini comes there. Everybody shouts. Dirshti says avoid my family. Divya says we are largely together at this point. Your battle is with us not them. Pisachini holds Simran. Simran says please leave me. I am so terrified. Magma says I am terrified as well. Pisachini says this rakshit contacted him and his draining ceased however this elderly person needs beyond words. This rakshit is master’s beneficiary. He has numerous forces in his blood. Rashi says who master ji?

She says ask your mother Mahima or your bhabhis. Ojaswani says please leave my Simran. Pisachini says your dad couldn’t meet his family. That sword wasn’t typical. Your father needs amazing. There is one way.. That ratan can spare his life. Ojaswanu says what ratan? pisachini says this divya drishti are twin sisters. They are genuine sister and they have powers. They have a ratan. That ratan is the thing that I need. Go bring it. Ojaswani says where is it? Pisachini says these two sisters know where it is. Bring it or he would bite the dust. Pisachini chuckles and leaves.

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