Divya Drishti 6 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Pisachini says, Drishti your sisters are Stupid

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Anjan hangs tight for Pisachini. She comes and says you’re so brilliant. He says that is the reason you need me. Psachini says I will win regardless of how hard you attempt. Does he say I’m not catching your meaning? She says I will remove your veil one day. He says who knows. Pisachini says those young lady’s shortcoming is their family.

Rakshit won’t most likely spare them since his forces aren’t woken up yet. I will take kaal vijay from them. He says who might you hurt? She says there are many individuals. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea about this. What do you need from me? She says nothing. Drishti searches for Rakshit. Rakshit sees her and says where are you going. She says accompany me.

Does he say for what reason do you have directly on me? She says in light of the fact that I am your significant other. Accompany me. She takes him to the sanctuary. Does he say where it is safe to say that we are? She says you know precisely. You figured you would wed Lava and our marriage would stop? Try not to take Lava’s name. I know you great.

Divya Drishti 6 July 2019

I realize you are not a sort of individual who might utilize a young lady. I realize you would dependably ensure me. I realize you are Anjan. Rakshit is stupified. Magma is searching for Rakshit. Mahima says he went out for some work. She says bring pooja stuff for 10 individuals. Does Magma say Drishti is eleventh? Mahima says she isn’t a piece of our family any longer.

Drishti says you concealed this from me. He says you shrouded your forces as well and that Divya is your sister. Drishti says you could let me know. He says yes I am Anjan. What would it be a good idea for me to do now? Apologize. She says your psyche is still of a normal man. Disclose to me what is Pisachini going to do. I saw her seeing your face.

Did your veil tumble off? He says yes it did yet Pisachini wasn’t there. She is searching for your shortcoming to take the ratan. She is intending to hurt somebody from family. Pisachini says she may do it in pooja. He says I have the motivation to wed Lava. Drishti says we need to return home.

Magma is en route to the sanctuary. She goes to Pisachini. Pisachini says where is your skillet? She says reveal to me your container. She says I have this toxic substance. It can take Drishti’s forces. Pisachini says you have begun thinking carefully. Proceed to offer this to her. Magma says my toxic substance will talk today.

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