Divya Drishti 6 April 2019 Written Update – Divya & Shekhar come

Written Update: Divya Drishti 6 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pisachini goes to the holi occasion. She says there will be passing admirably here and somebody needs incredible it. She makes an undetectable well there. She chuckles and says nothing would work for Diyva here. Her enchantment wont work here. I will take kaal vikay from her. Everybody goes to the celebration. Mahima says 3 relational unions are done in the house. They desire arti. Divya and Shekhar come. Mahima does their arti. She does art of radiant Lava and Rakshit Drishti.

Pisachini meets Shekhar says your lady of the hour needs to go today. You need to make thandai for her today. On the off chance that you venture back, you should drink this thandai. Mahima offers endowments to magma and Sunny. she says Rakshit God gives you long life. Ojaswani says petitions for Drishti? Mahima says you need to live long here. That won’t be simple you should battle a fight to win hearts here. This is for that trust I did on you and how you tricked me. Ojaswani says to Drishti don’t be disturbed. You got Mahima’s endowments at any rate. A blossoms tumbles from Rakshit on Mahima. They take a gander at one another.

Mahima says to Shekhar proceed to shade your better half. Divya says I am as of now playing holi. He says have thandai. She offers it to Ojaswani. Everybody is moving. Shekhar has a go at taking it from her. pisachini says for what reason is Divya not drinking it. Shekhar offers it to Dvya once more. She says I don’t need it. Rakshit drink thandai as well. He offers it to Drishti. She says I don’t care for it. Divya and Drishti are remaining in a corner. Shekhar says everybody unwinds and has some thandai. He asks Rashi to offer thandai to Divya. He says let’s perk up everybody. He says let’s play passing pad with thandai. The person who has it at last needs to drink. it stops at Divya. She drinks it. Shekhar smiles. Pisachini moves. She says today is your last day.

Magma comes to Rakshit and puts shading all over from his hands. She says to Lava he connected shading on me first. Dristi says see this shading. There is shading on her shoulder from the drug Rakshit connected. Magma says for what reason did you wed him Ms Sound? Rakshit says Mrs. Rakshit Shergil. Drishti says yes I am his better half. Drishti asks alcoholic divya to quiet down. She says don’t drink excessively.

Rakshit says you said I connected shading on you? She says turmeric is shading. He says you are endeavoring to be possessive. She says you called me Mrs. Shergil. You don’t have any acquaintance with me yet. There are many individuals who are distraught at me however which is as it should be. Rakshit drinks thandai. Divya falls. Shekhar holds her. Divya says so Mr. spouse? You’re endeavoring to be smart. He says I truly cherish you however you dont’ care about my sentiments. She says charming however it wont take a shot at me.

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