Divya Drishti 30 June 2019 Written Update – Drishti Hugs Rakshit

Written Update: Divya Drishti 30 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Anjaan comes there. He says divya hold the rope. Divya says I will fall. Romi says no do what Anjan is inquiring. She holds the rope. Raksit pulls her up. Romi holds her. Rakshit says to Drishti give me your hand and come up. He pulls her. Dristhi blacks out. Rakshit picks her and says how about we go.

Shekhar begins moving. Magma says what’s going on with you. Magma hits the dance floor with him. He leaves the room. Drishti opens eyes. Rakshit takes her to room. Drishti holds his hand and expresses profound gratitude for sparing my life. Rakshit and Lava are hitched. Anjan says he is accomplishing on purpose. She says he could disclose to me the reason. Rakshit says to confide in her.

Divya Drishti 30 June 2019

Drishti strokes his face and says how? For what reason doesn’t he let me know? Shekhar brings Divya to room. Dviya says where is rakshit? Drishti says where she ought to be. Rakshit calls Shekhar and says come here. he goes to the room. He takes the sherwani from Shekhar. Rakshit comes to the room. Magma says at last you came and that ghunghat I mean sehra isn’t there either.

Does Drishti say he spared me as anjan and went to that Lava to spend his wedding night? Everything is finished. Divya gives her wine and says drink it. It’s medication. Drishti says for what reason is it so better. Divya says it will work. Magma embraces Rakshit. He says I am not feeling admirable. She says let me give you water. Rakshit asks for what reason did Pisacini get him wedded to Lava. Magma pours her toxin in the water. She says water. Rakshit says what is in it? Magma says what?

Divya Drishti 30 June 2019

Dristhi says nothing is working. Divya gives her more beverage. Divya says go to their room. Magma drinks the water. She says you are suspecting. Rakshit pushes the glass. He says sorry it broke. Magma brings him close. Drishti is flushed. She says Rakshit is my better half. Divya says go there and appear there he is your significant other. Divya says you realize how to tempt.

Magma goes ahead of bed and brings Rakshit. Drishti says I am coming to Rakshit. Pisachini ays where is this Anjan. Drishti goes to Rakshit’s room. magma says what are you doing here. Drishti says what are you doing here. Magma says he is my significant other. This is our wedding night. Rakshti says Drishti what are you saying. Drishti says I am his significant other. Magma says are you insane. rakshit says are ou smashed? Drishti embraces him. Magma says I will show you out. The two of them battle. Drishti puts a hand on her and sees a reptile.

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