Divya Drishti 3 November 2019 Written Update – What is Murli’s Reality?

Divya Drishti 3 November 2019 Written Update

Genuine Divya is in a sack hanging over the pool. Patali anticipates suffocating her. Patali pushes Drishti in the pool. Rakshit spares her with his ring. Murli says what’s going on here? Murli sees genuine Divya hanging over the pool. He says if Divya is there, who is here? Patali? He says they’re all doing enchantment. Murli attempts to run. Rashit says where are you doing? He says to gaze upward there, Divya is there.

Drishti says Divya, Patali says go spare your sister. Drishti says don’t set out. Patali attempts to hit Divya with a ceiling fixture. Drishti spares her. Patali suffocates Divya. Murli holds her. Patali comes in her genuine face. Drishti says how could you to take my sister’s face and attempted to execute her? Patali says yes I did. Rakshit says Shekhar, if it’s not too much trouble remove Divya from here.

We will deal with everything here. Pisachini says he isn’t even your genuine Shekhar. He is a burglar. He made a channel in this house, he has your riches in that pack. Debris says how could you to consider my child a burglar. Pisachini says he isn’t your child. Patali says he is my Moroo. Pisachini says shut up. Pisachini says he is a looter, did you have his information before picking an idiotic resident from a town? Rakshit says shut up. Escape this house. Piaschini says he made a channel in this house.

Divya says is this why you required the tool stash and got so stressed when I took it back? Murli says I required it for cultivating. Pisachini says no, he is lying. He made a channel with it. The opposite end was in my place. Debris says what is she saying. Divya says would she say she is correct Murli? Mahima says for what reason would we say we are in any event, tuning in to this Pisachini? Murli says I can show you my plants. Drishti says how about we see what is good and bad by proofs. Pisachini says search your child.

Drishti says don’t instruct us? Drishti says Shekhar what’s in this sack? He says there are my things in it. You are not individuals so I won’t demonstrate it to you. Divya says give us this sack. He opens the pack. Pisachini takes the sack and says see what’s in this pack. There are just papers inside. Pisachini says there was gold and cash in this sack. he concealed it. Shekhar says she is the person who is taking the abundance of this house.

Drishti says on the off chance that we scavenged him we will check you as well. A ton of coins and gold tumbles down. Pisachini says this isn’t mine. He accomplished something. Debris says you looter. Pisachini says I don’t have to take anything. She leaves. Debris is crying. Rakshit says you tuned in to Pisachini Drishti. Rakshit leaves. Divya says to Drishti I feel something isn’t right about him.

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