Divya Drishti 29 June 2019 Written Update – Lava Bites Rakshit

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Pisachini says nobody will come to spare you now. Drishti comes there in a rickshaw. She hits Pisachini. Divya has blacked out. Dristhi picks her. Pisachini gets up. Drishti utilizes Divya’s forces from her hands and pushes Pisachini. She takes her to the rickshaw and leaves. Drishti says I won’t let anything transpire. Piaschini says they wanted to keep running from me. Dristhi says I won’t let anything transpire.

Raksht is disturbed. he says where are you Dristhi. Simran comes. He says where were you? Divya was with you? She says I will reveal to you a ballad. She says one sparrow two sparrows. Mahima requests that her rest. Mahima says to Rakshit Lava is hanging tight for you.

Divya Drishti 29 June 2019

Drishti sees water out and about. She attempts to wake Divya up. Ojaswani asks where is divya? Shekhar says she needed to go for some work. Mahima says there is a pooja tomorrow. Pandit ji gave a stone to put in your room. Rakshit says to shekhar take a quick trip and see where they are. It would be ideal if you proceed to check. Rakshit asks Romi to go too.

Divya and Drishti tumble from the extension. They are both hanging. Pisachini comes. She says you can’t slaughter me. Disclose to me where is Kaal vijay. Drishti says I won’t. Pisachini says to see the wedding of your Rakshit. She demonstrates to them their wedding. Pisachini says second news, that two sisters passed on when the extension broke. Be that as it may, simply after you give me kaal vijay. Drishti says Divya please get up. Divya says where are we. She glances around. Divya shouts. Drishti says quietly down.

Divya Drishti 29 June 2019

Rakshit goes to his room. Magma says I was sitting tight for you. Welcome child. Rakshit reviews what Simran said. Magma says come cross this scaffold and we would be one. Rakshit leaves. Magma says not once more. Rakshit goes to the bathroom. He reviews what Simran was attempting to state. Shekhar comes there. Romi and shekhar come to Rakshit. Rakshti says Drishti and divya are stuck in an unfortunate situation. You wear the sehra and claim to be me. I need to spare them.

Rakshit says Lava I need this wedding to be with ceremonies. I am arranging an astonishment. Shekhar wears the sehra. Divya says won’t anjan come to spare us. rakshit is searching for them. Drishti says Rakshit is getting hitched. Divya says we are kicking the bucket here. Drishti says Rakshit is Anjan. divya says what. The rope is breaking.

Magma says Rakshit please turned out I am pausing. She says where are you turned out. Pisachini comes to Lava and says I made you reptile at long last. You realize what to do right? chomp rakshit. Magma says yes I know. Pisachini leaves. Shekhar turns out in sehra. Magma says this was your amazement. I will remove your sehra. He says no.

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