Divya Drishti 28 April 2019 Written Update – Pisachini Arranges A Party

Written Update: Divya Drishti 28 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Shekhar comes and says Pisachini I need to reveal to you something. Pisachini says would you say you are succumbing to her? He says alright I wont tell. Pisachini says you aren’t helping at any rate. Shekhar leaves. Bichu comes to Ojaswani and says Mausi hosts masterminded a get-together for everybody. she sent this dress. Ojaswani says bless your heart. Roomi and dovya are taking a gander toward the begin. Bichu comes and says Mausi sent these dresses. She needs both of you in gathering.

Drishti says aren’t you prepared? He says I prepared for your untruths. She says I am talkin about the gathering. He says I am not going. She says everybody is hanging tight for you. Drishti says you denounced me so often. Drishti is leaving. Raskhit says don’t set out doing. Drishti says so would it be advisable for me to remain here? I am leaving for the gathering. He says why don’t you leave until the end of time. So we don’t need to see each other’s face. Drishti is leaving.

Everybody comes first floor. The gathering begins. Pisachini says we will praise love today. I need to mastermind this gathering for the recently marries. Pisachini says Drishti for what reason would you say you are separated from everyone else? Drishti says he has some work. Pisachini says we will have a great time today. Fortunate says I will move toda as well. Fortunate says Rakshit isn’t here. Who will dacne with Dristi. Mahima says to Pisachini I have taken the body tere. Bright says I can dacnce with drishti. Divya says we would all be able to be people. Shekhar says I need to watch out for this Drishti. They are upto something.

Everybody moves. Bright says to Drishti drink? She says I don’t drink. He says once please. drishti pushes him. The glass falls on his foot. Divya says this is the end result for individuals like you. Magma comes to Rakshit and says howdy. Do you need compnay? He says what are you doing here? SHe says what are you doing here? Rakshit says this is my home. Magma says my accomplice is with you as it were. Rakshit says that is the reason you kept running from the gathering. I am hitched now.

Drishti and Divya are upstairs. Shekhar sees Divya and Drishti together. He says what are they doing together. Magma says my foot harms. Rakshit says go to gathering and move. Fortunate comes. Magma says wouldn’t you be able to thump. Fortunate says he isn’t your better half. Your better half is holding up ground floor. Magma leaves in indignation. Fortunate says rakhsit drishti is distant from everyone else. She is disturbed without you. Rakshit says I am occupied. Fortunate says I adore Drishti like my little girl. Rakshit I perceive individuals. You just adore her for your narrow-mindedness.

Divya and Drishti are taking a gander at the star. Shekhar takes a gander at them. Roomi comes and says what are you doing here? Watching out for your better half? He says no I was simply here. SHekhar leaves. Divya says let me see. drishti says let me see first. The star falls and stalls out in Pisachini’s garments. Divya drishti run first floor.

Rakshit comes ground floor as well. Pisachini moves. The child dil bara bayeman plays. Magma hits the dance floor with Sunny. Divya hits the dance floor with Shekhar. Pisachin says please rakshit your trun. Rakshit says I would prefer not to. Mahima says let him be. Pisachini says drishti come one bring your significant other. Drishti says he can’t move. He will humiliate me. Rakshit pulls her. Rakshit and Drishti move.

Police go to the gathering. He asks where is this young lady? Rashi says that is maniya our companion. Investigator says we discovered her body. He says we need to research in this house. Her body was found in floor covering that was from this house. Divya ponders she saw Mahima taing the floor covering. Mahima says I took the rug to transform it. Rashi says somebody more likely than not gotten it there. Rakshit takes the reviewer outside. Divya says see. Her child is attempting to secure her.

I knew Mahima would do this. Drishti says for what reason would Mahima do this. Magma discovers Maniya’s ring on the floor. drishti saw that ring when Mahima was leaving. Divya says to Drishti I revealed to you this mahima and rakshit are susipicious. She executed that young lady. Drishti says quiet down. divya says I will tell police.

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