Divya Drishti 25 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Dancers Start Dancing in Function

Written Update: Divya Drishti 25 August 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Today episode beings, Shekhar begins getting fits. Divya is strained and says I don’t know how it occurred. All of a sudden fits stop. All murmur. Drishti says Divya’s other hand has lost power, this cannot occur. Divya says my other hand’s enchantment isn’t working moreover. Drishti says she played us, I shouldn’t have left kambandal, I ought to have been increasingly cautious. Drishti leaves.

Rakshit asks Romi to not stress, he requests that he be with Divya, he leaves. Pisachini says that now I will mess around. Shekhar says to himself that once I get all forces then I will play my game. He grins. Divya is crying. Romi goes to her and says you cannot lose trust. Divya says I have lost all expectation, I wedded a villain, there must be something in him to battle against Pisachini yet there must be a reason.

Romi says you can be the reason, you see Drishti and Rakshit satisfying their connection is so much storm, you can as well. He offers her chocolate. Rakshit comes to Drishti. She says this all happened as a result of me, we were so near winning. Rakshit says Pisachini can murder anybody and penance anything other than you are a decent individual. Drishti says I lost everything in my life, I am losing more individuals, I realize what to do, she begins pressing and says I am leaving from this house so you are in harmony, our family will be fine at that point.

Divya Drishti 25 August 2019 Episode

Rakshit says I am going with you, it’s my obligation to ensure so I am going with you. Drishti says I can leave without telling anybody yet I realize it will hurt you, I am leaving. Rakshit says you want to battle that Pisachini alone? I have vowed to secure you.. he draws nearer and says in the event that anything transpires, at that point I won’t most likely live, I feel your quality and nonappearance, don’t talk about leaving from me once more, I have kept a quick for you, in the event that you leave, at that point I will pass on without eating anything.

He affectionately takes a gander at her. Drishti kisses his cheek and says I am heartbroken, I won’t go anyplace, I guarantee. They draw nearer. Rakshit says I knew Mrs. Shergill. He strokes her face. They move in. Rakshit touches her back. Sona plays. Shekhar says to Pisachini that I am your slave. Pisachini says don’t you dare converse with me, watch out for Drishti, she can realize future so watch out for her, make your cerebrum work, proceed to ask to them so they begin confiding in you, do what you need to do. Shekhar says fine. Pisachini smiles and snickers at him.

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