Divya Drishti 24 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Divya Jumps in the Pool?

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Today 24th November 2019, the episode begins, Rakshit and Divya take Patali outside. They see somebody. Divya remains before the body. It’s Romi. Romi says we need to go toward that path. Drishti comes also. Drishti says Shekhar will deal with everything at home. Somebody pushes them. It’s Pisachini. Drishti tumbles down. Pisachini says over keen?

I knew all of you took her body. Divya says what will you do? She calls Kaal. Pisachini takes the body from them. Rakshit says leave her. Pisachini takes them to the court. Does Kaal say for what reason did you take the body? Pisachini says since her body could come clean that Divya executed her. Rakshit says she didn’t slaughter her. Pisachini says she slaughtered your little girl and concealed her body.

Scene #2

Kaal says you have lost well to state anything. Divya is sentenced for murdering my girl Patali and concealing her body. The hellfire door will open and take Divya. Drishti embraces Divya. Pisachini says you will be invited to the damnation. Ojaswani cries. She says this can’t occur. Shekhar says I am grieved. He revealed to Pisachini that Patali’s body is taken outside.

Divya Drishti 24 November 2019

Pisachini hit him before Mahima. Shekhar professed to be harmed. She said disclose to me where they are you. Pisachini said I will discover them. Mahima says how could she discover you are there? Divya says I will go damnation. Drishti says I won’t let you go anyplace. Divya says disregard me. She goes to her room. Divya cries. Drishti says in what manner will we spare her? What will we do?

Murli says we will discover an exit plan. Kindly don’t cry. Divya cries and says I would prefer not to get lost. Murli embraces her. Drishti embraces Rakshit. She sees Murli taking Divya to damnation. She is stunned. Rakshit says what was the deal? Divya wails. Shekhar says let me bring water. Everybody gets a message to go to the lobby. Does Murli say where is Divya? Divya closes his face. Divya says I made breakfast for everybody. You need to eat it. Eat everybody. Everybody is in tears.

Scene #3

Mahima says it’s so delicious. Divya says to Drishti that it causes me to eat. Drishti causes her to eat. She is in tears. Drishti takes a gander at Murli. Divya embraces everybody. Everybody is crying and wailing. Divya says Shekhar, the mother has her child after so long. Kindly don’t leave her. Di and I realize how it resembles to lose anybody.

Divya rushes to her room. Drishti pursues her. Drishti says I won’t let you go anyplace. divya says we can’t transform it now. Drishti embraces her and says don’t state that. Divya cries. Drishti limits her options. Does Divya say what’s going on with you? Drishti says I won’t let you go there. She says in heart I won’t’ let Shekhar take you to hellfire. She closes her face.

Rakshit says Shekhar said he saw the hellfire entryways open in the survey. Debris says would we be able to stop this? Please us your forces. Pisachini comes there snickering. She says Divya is going to hellfire. Drishti says my sister won’t go anyplace. Murli says I should stow away before Kaal comes. He shouldn’t see me.

Shekhar sees Divya tied in that room. Kaal comes and says where is Divya? Pisachini says she ran. Rakshit says we can’t do this Drishti. Drishti says she ran. Kaal hits them all and says give me the offender. Drishti and Shekhar stop it with their forces. Simran is falling in the pool. She shouts. Romi spares her. Mahima says we will bite the dust, however, won’t let you take Divya.

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