Divya Drishti 23 June 2019 Written Update – Drishti Says Calm Down

Written Update: Divya Drishti 23 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Rakshit comes to underground. He says I may locate a proof here. He searches for it. Pisachini is coming there. He leaves. Magma says chachi this tika doesn’t go with my dress. Romi is attempting to sneak it. Magma sees a reptile. She shouts. she says chachi I am so frightened. Chachi says I am terrified as well. The two of them shout. It falls on chachi. Magma sprays on her. Chachi swoons yet reptile doesn’t kick the bucket. Magma is terrified.

Drishti Divya and Simran are going for shopping. Dristhi asks where are we going? Simran says shopping. Drishti says that connect. Simran begins singing. Drishti says where is that scaffold that sparrow is on. Simran begins shouting. She says that chimes ringing. It’s the equivalent. I heard it. simran shouts.

Divya Drishti 23 June 2019

Mahima says to Rakshit I know how you feel. I constantly attempted to keep you upbeat. You are my beginning and end. Rakshit says I know mother. He embraces her and says I will take daddy back to you. Divya asks Simran do you recollect which sanctuary was near the scaffold. Divya says I will go to one and you go to other.

The wedding begins. Rakshit says I am here just to stop that Pisachini. Pisachini comes there on overhang. She says Lava will do it for me now. Simran says close to this extension was the sanctuary. She shouts. They stop on the scaffold. Simran shouts. She says the extension was broken. Drishti says all is well. If you don’t mind on’t cry. The two of them hit the dance floor with her to ask where is the tree. She focuses at it. Drishti says we discovered it. Divya says we need to do it in subligh.

Divya Drishti 23 June 2019

Divya and Drishti go down the bluff and draw close to the tree. A coconut falls. Pandit ji says bring the lady of the hour. Mahima says Divya.. Rashi says Drishti isn’t home. Ojaswani says Simran isn’t home either. Shekhar says Divya took Simran out in light of the fact that Simran wasn’t feeling admirably. Rashi brings Lava. Ojaswani says I am going to see Simran. Mahima says I am coming as well.

Shekhr imagines as he has called them. He says alright returned home. He says Simran was choked with the wedding condition. You know right that is the reason Divya took her out. Mahima says they will be fine. Simran shouts and says arachnid. Drishit controls her. She takes her to side. Drishti says we should play find the stowaway. You stow away in the vehicle. Try not to turn out or I will see you. They lock her in the vehicle. Drishti and Divya search for powder.

Divya says it’s nightfall. Divya says the light has gone. Disregard it. Dristhi sees full moon. SHe says mama educated me regarding last light. Possibly iit was moonlight. The light falls on ground. Magma comes ground floor. Mahima says you look lovely. Divya attempts to discover the fiery remains. She says I am drained. They discover an entryway. Divya says I am truly terrified.

Drishti says quiet down. Drishti says we need to do it. Divya and Drishti descend in the underground spot. Drishti says its so dull. Divya says I am truly frightened. There is a mimshal. Divya says there is another entryway. They arrive in a major lobby and see box. They open it. Dark smoke turns out. Dristi says these are the cinders. They pour ganga jal on it. Pisachini leaves it. She giggles. she says you figured you would come here and I won’t know? you needed to execute me? Both of you will bite the dust now.

Mahima requests that Lava do ghunghat. Rakshit asked pandit ji to peruse wrong mantra so the wedding isn’t done well. Pisacini chuckles. She says you figured you would discover my fiery remains. That Simran helped you right? Drishti says we won’t be terrified today. Pisachini says your sister is shuddering. She makes a hover of flame around them. Divya takes out the begin. She says nonthing would work today. Pisachini tosses Divya out of it. She hits her. Drishti says please stop it. Pisachini says give me kaal vijay.

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