Divya Drishti 16 June 2019 Written Update – He is pretending to be with Pisachini

Written Update: Divya Drishti 16 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

He is with us. Divya says let me take a stab at asking him. Divya turns out and says he is their ally? Be that as it may, for what reason didn’t he tell them I am Pisachini. He is upto something different completely. Divya comes to Shekhar and puts a rope in his neck. She says you are tricking me. He says I am not tricking you. She pushes him in water.. shekhar is suffocating. Divya says you are their ally and making a trick out of me.

Divya Drishti 16 June 2019

Drishti comes to pool and sees it. Drishit says Divya what’s happening with you. Divya is gliding and suffocating Shekhar. Drishti says what’s going on with you. She says I am Pisachini. Drishti says yes my sister can never hurt somebody like this. Divya asys were so brilliant. Drishti says I generally realized you couldn’t be my sister. I saw the adjustments in you. Drishti says leave him. Divya says leave my hand.

Drishti says I wont. Divya says don’t give me an enthusiastic address. She giggles and says you are so passionate. I am Pisachini. Pisachini says you can’t take my sister from me. I will take her again from you. Pisachini says you will see. This is me now. She tosses water on Drishti. Drishti says I won’t bite the dust until I take my sister once again from you. Se says I am Divyachini.

Drishti comes to the room. Rakshit says what was the deal? Is it accurate to say that you are alright? She goes to the rest room and cries. Rakshit says what occurred. let me know whether there is an issue. Drishit says my Divya… I lost you once more. Rakshit comes in. Drishit embraces him and cries. Rakshit cleans her with pinnacle. He says it’s alright. I don’t have a clue what occurred yet there is no reason to worry. You are a decent individual and nothing terrible happens to great. individuals.

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