Divya Drishti 14 April 2019 Written Update – Divya Finds That Drishti Is Her Sister

Written Update: Divya Drishti 14 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pisachini cuts Shekhar and says dont stress, I wont give you a chance to bite the dust. Scorpio is staggered. Rakshit comes in kitchen and sees Drishti making pasta for him. He says anybody can bring pasta for me from restuarant, you can arrange from that point, for what reason would you say you are crying? Drishti says this is a result of onion. Rakshit says you dont need to pursue any customs. She says I can deal with this. Rakshit says I think you like doing this, I am concerned what you will make, you have lost test aleardy, he leaves.

Divya says to Drishti that it very well may be perceived what he looks like at you, I mean he continues gazing at you, disregard me, you have just made a tempest in my life. Magma brings nourishment for everybody. All come there. Divya brings nourishment there and says dont point at me once more. Magma says she is simply bringing sustenance,

I made this. Drishti brings rotis. All relatives take selfie. Rakshit comes there and endeavors to wipe flour from Dristhi’s brow, he cleans it. All grin at them. Shekhar comes there in blood. All rushed to him. Divya holds him and asks what was the deal? who did this? Pisachini comes there wearing yellow dress. Dristhi calls specialist. Magma takes a gander at witch and is confounded. Pisachini reviews how scorpio said that she cannot remember you as I caught her in my enchantment.

All make Shekhar rests on couch. Ujaswani says the end result for my child? Pisachini says he was battling with certain burglars on street, they brought blade out and hit him however I spared him and brought him here. Mahima expresses gratitude toward her for sparing him. She asks Ujaswani to reveal to them my identity? She says yes.. she is my cousin Preeto. They all take Shekhar from that point.

Divya cries, Drishti says it will be alright. Divya reviews her brutal words to Shekhar. Does Drishti suppose why I couldn’t think about this episode previously? Pisachini believes that no one can comprehend what occurs in my nook, its ensured by enchantment so future indicator couldn’t tell it previously.

The specialist checks Shekhar and says to Rakshit that he is fine now, I have given him torment executioners. He leaves. Rakshit asks Shekhar for what good reason you battled with goons? Shekhar says I am heartbroken. Rakshi says advise sorry to learn. Shekhar says sorry regarding marriage. Rakshit says don’t talk about it, he goes to bring water. Shekhar says Pisachini has placed me in this spot and I need to act like harmed individual. Divya comes there. Shekhar mumbles I dont merit Divya, she is extremely pleasant.

Mahima expresses gratitude toward Pisachini for sparing Shekhar. She says don’t stress over it, Mahima gets some information about your things? Pisachini says my work will bring it, Scorpio comes there with things. Mahima requests that her take rest. Pisachini says we need to begin our arrangement. Divya brings soup for Shekhar and says I am doing this since you are sick, don’t take some other importance.

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