Divya Drishti 13 April 2019 Written Update – Divya Drishti Forget Everything

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Drishti bounces cuts Pisachini. Pisachini says how could you come? She says I stumbled. Pisachini says return from where you came. She says who are you Drishti says who are you what do you need. Psachini says I have just got the chance to do my thing with her. I need her life go from here. Drishti says she is my relative. I wont give you a chance to hurt her. Pisachini says my memento. Drishti picks it. Piscini says give it back to me. Divya recovers her forces. She hits Pisachini. Drishti takes her up.

Piscahini says I won’t abandon both of you. I will execute your sister too when I discover her. Everybody is discharged. Rakshit asks divya drishti what was the deal? Did both of you fell in? Divya says yes. Bichu says everybody is ordinary outside. Pisachni says I need to locate the other sister as well. Rakshit asks Drishti what happened to let me know.

Divya Drishti 13 April 2019 Written Update

Mohhana says to Pisachini what did you do? You have told the entire family you are pistachio. She says please help me. Mohana swoons everybody. She says they won’t recollect that anything. I won’t help you any longer. Mohana leaves. Pisachini asks Shekhar to proceed to look if everybody overlooked.

Does Drishti say what occurred in the mela? For what reason wouldn’t I be able to review it. Something important occurred. Divya says for what reason did I have a feeling that I met somebody and lost her. Who was holding my hand. Drishti says how would I reveal to you I am your sister. You detest me.

Scene 2

Shekhar asks Dviya for what valid reason are tears in your grasp? She says I can’t review what occurred in mela. There was something important. I don’t review it. He says when you were tanked you said you loev me. She says it wasn’t that. I never said that. He says you did, its upto you in the event that you accepted.

Rakshit says to Drishti I dont’ review anything in the mela. Furthermore, you lost the wager. She says the two of us don’t recollect what occurred. He says you need to do what I inquire. She says what? Rakshit approaches her. Rakshit gets a call and says I am coming. Drishti leaves.

Mahima says nobody recollects that anything. Was that thandai or something different. Everybody comes. Bright says you ought to sit with bhai. Mahima says to Drishti I approached you for kundli. SHe says in heart I can’t tell them my personality. Drishti says I lost it. Mahima says disclose to me your introduction to the world date. She says I don’t recall. Mahima says you are not telling since it must not be generally excellent. Dristi’s family comes. She says my little girl’s kundli is gold. She says you wedded and didn’t let us know? Your family is notable. Roomi says we are Drishti’s family. Fortunate says my little girl.

I missed you to such an extent. She says to Mahima you should be Mahima. Rakshit meets them. Ojaswai says we didn’t realize she will be a piece of our family. Drishti’s father says she is certifiably not a miscreant. I am certain something may have occurred. Magma says they should have her kundli. Drishti says chachi.. Fortunate says she isn’t conceived by me. We discovered her in transit. Roomi says what are you saying. She says how might we conceal anything. Fortunate says she was in downright terrible condition.

We brought her expectation and brought her up. Magma says so she has no character. Divya says shut up mind your language. Mahima says don’t you recall that anything? Your folks birth date anything? Rakshit says enough. She is my better half at this point. Nobody will make her inquiries any longer. Mahima says possibly she is the other sister. I will discover this evening.

Rakshit takes them to their room. Fortunate says this is such a major room. Roomi says we wont remain here. Fortunate says we will. We brought her up. Drishti says Rakshit you go, I will deal with. She expresses profound gratitude. Fortunate opens the wardrobe and says so enormous.

Roomi asks Drihsti would she say she is your sister? She says I know. Mahima comes and says to Drishti come and make desserts. It is your first day in the kitchen. Drishti says I can cook. Magma and Dviya come to cook also. Drishti makes a dish. Divya says that is my top pick. Drishti says I know. Divya says your name is Drishti? She says yes. Divya and Drishti cook together. Dviya says in heart she can’t be my sister.

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