Divya Drishti 12 May 2019 Written Update – Pisachini Takesover Divya

Written Update: Divya Drishti 12 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Mahima sings Chita kokar. Divya and Dristi escape. Divya says to Shekhar you said you will convey her to us. He says I revealed to you it would require investment. We need to fool her into it. Rakshit comes there. Shekhar says bhabhi I need something to eat. Divya dirshti go upstairs. Pisachini comes up as well. Divya and Drishti’s head hurt. Divya says my head harms. Drishti says mine as well. In any case, we need to get up there. She expels tilak. Divya says I feel much improved. drishit says I don’t have the foggiest idea what will happen upstairs.

Divya Drishti 12 May 2019

Drishit says we need to di this for our mother. Drishti goes up. Divya can’t see stairs. Divya says I can’t emerge out of here. Drishti pulls her up. Drishti says we need to see numerous things like these. Mahima says to rakshit did you get some information about that one peered toward lady? Your daddy vanished in light of that lady. Rakshit says you need to pause. I will discover regardless of whether its Preto mausi. Be that as it may, how she? Mahima says she isn’t here. Does rakhi say in the heart where is drishti? She needs to respond to my inquiries now.

Divya Drishti 12 May 2019

Divya drishti is on the rooftop. Pisachini comes and makes proper acquaintance Divya drishti. You figured both of you would come here and murder me? Approach me. Come. For what reason would you say you are terrified? Should I draw close to you? She draws close to them. She says I will get my kal vijay. she demonstrates to them their mom having Kal Vijay. Drishti says you are a killer. She says yes I executed your folks. Both of you couldn’t do anything. Diya says shut up Pisachini demonstrates to them her eye.

They are frightened. Pisachini says it was extremely simple to murder your mother father. she indicates them slaughtering their folks. Drishti says you will pay for your wrongdoings. we won’t give you a chance to murder anybody now. Pisachini says your mother kicked the bucket in a matter of seconds. both of you can’t do anything. Diya Drishti clasps hands and assaults her. she tumbles down. Divya says you will pass on. Pisachini gets up. She hits them otha in their hand on the overhang. Drishti battles her. Their forces impact.

Drishti takes a gander at the stone and says please help us. She puts the stone close moon. Everybody is doing pooja ground floor. Solid winders blow. Divya is blacking out. Drishit says you can’t beat us now. They push control towards her. Pisachini consumes. She shouts and tumbles down. Divya Drishti gets up. Rakshit asks Roomi have you seen your sister? Where were you? he leaves without replying. Divya says did we execute her? Drishti says yes we did. they cry. Drishit says we did it.

Divya says vindicate passing of our folks. They embrace one another. Drishit says you don’t need to cry any longer. Divya says mom dad must be so cheerful right. Drishti says I would leave Rakshit. Nobody needs me in this house. OK accompany me? Rakshit says where are both of you going? She says ground floor. Rakshit says everybody is holding up ground floor.

Divya says that is the thing that we were stating. Rakshit asks Drishit for what reason were you on the rooftop. Divya comes there. She says what are you discussing? Divya sees Pisachini donwstairs. She says di. Come here. They are terrified. Drishti sees a smoke drawing close to her. Roomi spares her with his memento and secures it a container.

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