Dilli Darlings 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Manya is talking with Seema

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In today episode, Shaloo goes to the Mandir to offer her regards and ask alongside a blessing, she is extremely glad to go there and implore, she asks the Pandit that she has something to give top the god, the Pandit additionally guarantee her of a fruitful gathering. The gathering gets a message from Sona with respect to the topic, she clarifies that she has additionally sent Seema a welcome as it would imply that she would likewise return, Seema is additionally glad to get the message trusting that she would almost certainly proceed to rejoin.

Pooja is calling her child who has quite recently begun to support his dad, she is calling him yet he doesn’t tune in, she has inevitably to go to his child’s room where he is occupied in his telephone, she calls him to prepare however he doesn’t tune in. She feels that he is acting unusual from the recent days, she goes to ask what the issue is, he clarifies that he needs a vehicle for himself as his companions have their very own autos, she feels that now she should chat with his dad and would need to hear the chasten.

Dilli Darlings 26 August 2019

Reena is taking a gander at the old photographs where she discovers photographs of the period of her sweet 16. She clarifies that she was frantically infatuated with Anil Kapoor and Madhuri anyway her dad would not permit it thus she went subtly, at that point she mentioned him so he organized a gathering with them over lunch.

Manya calls her better half , when he comes asking what is the issue she clarifies that the subject of the gathering depends on the multi-year-old self anyway she can’t recuperate it, she is extremely stressed, he returns and afterward returns with a tablet, where he has put away everything which was on that specific drive.

Pooja goes to her significant other clarifying what their child needs and the reason he is furious, he clarifies that they have a vehicle which is adequate, he, in the long run, gives in clarifying that his better half can cause him to do anything by simply chatting with him.

Dilli Darlings 26 August 2019

Deepshika is taking a gander at her old photographs anyway she doesn’t feel to spruce up like that as she was truly fat which was the reason nobody would ask her out, her mom comes in asking what the issue is and what she is doing, she clarifies that she is remembering her old self, her mom needs her to come and live with them for a few days so she can prep her once more.

Pooja asks her significant other what he has thought in regards to the vehicle which they would purchase, they call their child, when he comes they cause him to sit with his dad getting some information about his decision, he clarifies that he needs a Fortuner, they concur anyway there is a battle on the shading yet the young men in the long run prevail upon the shading which is white.

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