Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 4 February 2020 Written Update – Kamini fumes seeing Rashmi disconnects

Anshuman is occupied with talking with Tanya when Kajal strolls in crying. Tanya shouts at Kajal to quit hassling her sibling and get out. Anshuman asks her to sit tight and approaches Kajal for what valid reason is she crying. Kajal educates that her wedding is fixed and he ought to by one way or another stop it. Dr. Sharma strolls down hearing their discussion and seeing Kajal ask what is she doing here.

Anshuman presents Dr. Sharma as his dad. Kajal leaves thinking she is a fool not to understand that Dr. Sharma is Anshuman and Tanya’s dad. Anshuman asks Dr. Sharma why Kajal left this way. Tanya advises that Kajal has retinitis pigmentosa with which she will lose vision soon. Anshuman inquires as to whether it is treatable and argues Dr. Sharma to fix Kajal. Dr. Sharma says its an irreversible condition.

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 4 February 2020 Written Update

Kajal gets back tragically. Rashmi strolls to her and spoils her. Kamini calls Rashmi. Kajal inquires as to why Kamini is calling her over and again. Rashmi says she is sitting tight for her supposition as she didn’t concur yet for Rochak and Kajal’s wedding. Kajal inquires as to for what reason didn’t she say yes yet. Rashmi says she doesn’t need Kajal to wed without her desire.

Kamini exhaust seeing Rashmi separates call and says she will cancel partnership before Rashmi does. Her better half Rajender says she should hold up as Kajal and Rashmi are extremely insightful and will be her slaves after marriage. Tanya calls Rajender and advises him that his book contract is prepared, he can come and gather. He says thanks to her. Shed gets some information about Rochak and Kajal’s wedding. He says he is attempting. Tanya cautions she can drop a contract with one call on the off chance that he doesn’t succeed. Kamini hearing his discussion reproves him.

Anshuman meets Kajal, however, she attempts to keep away from him. He discloses to her that on the off chance that she takes an interest in move rivalry with Anshuman, at that point her mom can’t constrain her to wed till rivalry closes. Kajal says Anshuman has not concurred at this point, possibly he came to think about her retinitis pigmentosa. Rochak says he will meet Anshuman and discover. He meets Anshuman who says he was hanging tight for him as he needs to talk a great deal. Rochak says Kajal is getting hitched.

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