Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8 July 2019 Written Update – Rocky scolds Harleen

Written Update: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Happy coming to Honey. He won’t have exhausting khichdi. She says its bravo. She nourishes with affection. He says your hands have enchantment, the exhausting khichdi ended up delectable. She reviews her minutes with Rocky.

She hears Madhu and stresses. Madhu keeps candles and expresses gratitude toward her. Upbeat drops a spoon and contacts Madhu’s feet. Madhu goes. Glad thinks to leave quick. She says my mum is unwell, she won’t have nourishment in the event that I don’t go to her, will I go, I will meet you tomorrow at the school. Nectar says I cherish you. She says I adore you as well, in the event that you miss me, hear my radio show.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8 July 2019

Rough comes. She goes by and her dupatta flies over his face. He expels the dupatta and sees her. Humdum simple plays. They hold each other’s face and cheerfully cry. She embraces him. Her creative mind closes. She takes her dupatta and goes. He asks who’s there. Harleen accompanies the light and says I m here with you. He says not you, there was another person. She asks was it any hoodlum.

Nectar yells and says I m frightened of the thunder sound, see that shadow on the divider. Rough embraces him and says it’s only a shadow, attempt to rest now. He goes to close the window. He approaches Harleen to get juice for Honey. She goes. He sits with Honey. Madhu grins.

She says Khushi had come, did she go. Harleen blows up. She gives juice for Honey. Cheerful attempts to get ordinary and quiet. She goes live on the radio. She says in some cases, we don’t advise our sentiments to one we adore, our heart shouts to that individual, that feeling is likewise loved.

She plays an affection tune. She considers Rocky and cries. Rough observes her hoop and says I know Khushi is Happy, I will go today and discover. He gets a message from Happy. Your child Honey isn’t sheltered at school, somebody is after Honey, spare him. He gets stunned. He says who would this be able to be.

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